Deloitte and One Young World

Empowering young leaders to make a societal impact

Our partnership with One Young World (OYW) develops young professionals into future leaders who can solve the world’s toughest challenges.

From 5-8 September 2022, a delegation of 58 Deloitte professionals, 10 OYW scholars and 3 Lead2030 challenge winners attended the OYW Summit. The Summit brings together young leaders from around the world annually for a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to be inspired to make a positive impact, develop leadership skills, and build their global networks.

This year’s Summit took place in Manchester, UK and focused on five key issues: conflict prevention, gender equality, oceans, ethical leadership, and health. After the Summit, Deloitte’s OYW delegation committed to address complex global challenges and drive impact in their communities.

Michele Parmelee, Deloitte Global Deputy CEO and Chief People & Purpose Officer lead a presentation-stage session on the topic of preparing women and girls with the skills and knowledge for a thriving future. She joined prominent business, government, and humanitarian leaders to share her insights and encourage delegates to translate their Summit experience into action to create positive change.

Making an Impact with One Young World

At Deloitte, we believe we have a responsibility to be a force for good and lead the way on the increasingly complex challenges society faces today. Our partnership with OYW develops our young people into leaders who can address global issues.

Our collaboration with OYW is an important component of Deloitte’s key global impact initiatives–including WorldClass and WorldClimate–and furthers our commitment to do our part to address the societal issues of our time and to create a better future.

Through our WorldClass initiative, we aim to reach 100 million people by 2030, investing in innovative approaches to support education, digital skills development, and training opportunities so everyone can succeed in the modern economy.

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Through our WorldClimate strategy, Deloitte is working to drive responsible climate choices within our organization and beyond–doing our part to help address the climate crisis and help the world achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Explore our WorldClimate initiatives

Lead2030 Challenge

For the fourth year, Deloitte is proudly supporting OYW Lead2030 Challenge. This year, we are launching two challenges: SDG4–Quality Education and SDG13–Climate Change. These challenges are seeking impactful, scalable youth-led solutions that enhance and improve access to education and address climate change, in bold, meaningful, innovative ways, in line with our WorldClass and WorldClimate commitments.

Learn about their story and our previous winners:

Big ideas, great impact: three young leaders who are changing the world

Education, gender equality, digital skills, and climate change. These are the issues tackled by this year’s winners of the One Young World (OYW) Lead2030 challenges supported by Deloitte. On a new scale and ready to make an impact. It’s time.

Meet our 2019 and 2020 Lead2030 challenge winners

We caught up with Arielle Kitio, our 2020 winner and founder of CAYSTI, and Ilana Milkes our Lead2030 2019 winners and founder of World Tech Makers.





Deloitte OYW Scholarship

This year Deloitte will be sponsoring ten outstanding young leaders with fully funded scholarships to attend the OYW Summit alongside our delegation in Manchester, UK. We are selecting scholars from diverse backgrounds, all driving impactful initiatives in line with Deloitte’s WorldClass and WorldClimate ambitions.

Meet our OYW2022 delegation

Maria Florencia Marinoff Manfredi

Deloitte Global Delegate | Argentina

Caiobhe Edmund

Deloitte Global Delegate | UK

Sweta Sarkar

Deloitte Global Delegate | India

Janet Mwanyika

Deloitte Africa Delegate | Tanzania

Sarah Blessings Chikadya

Deloitte Africa Delegate | Malawi

Ryan Barrett

Deloitte Africa Delegate | South Africa

Maseroto Shai

Deloitte Africa Delegate | South Africa

Christopher van der Spek

Deloitte Asia Pacific Delegate | Australia

Lucy Mraz

Deloitte Asia Pacific Delegate | Australia

Gabriella Xin Xie

Deloitte Asia Pacific Delegate | China

Natalie Leung

Deloitte Asia Pacific Delegate | Hong Kong

Liz Li

Deloitte Asia Pacific Delegate | China

Uma Venkatachalam

Deloitte Asia Pacific Delegate | India

Parul Goel

Deloitte Asia Pacific Delegate | India

Emi Mitani

Deloitte Asia Pacific Delegate | Japan

Kei Saito

Deloitte Asia Pacific Delegate | Japan

Mohammad Iqbal S M Nasution

Deloitte Asia Pacific Delegate | Indonesia

Nik Farah Nabilah Binti Mohamad Shahran

Deloitte Asia Pacific Delegate | Malaysia

CHAO-HSIEN WU (Michael Wu)

Deloitte Asia Pacific Delegate | Taiwan

Sarah Novak

Deloitte Asia Pacific Delegate | New Zealand

Amy Sparks

Deloitte Asia Pacific Delegate | New Zealand

Constança Campos Calejo

Deloitte DCE Delegate | Portugal

Margarida Soares Pisco

Deloitte DCE Delegate | Portugal

Sven Nicklisch

Deloitte DCE Delegate | Germany

Theresia Tischer

Deloitte DCE Delegate | Germany

Mona Stapperfenne

Deloitte DCE Delegate | Germany

Thibaut Schots

Deloitte DCE Delegate | Luxembourg

Caroline Ren

Deloitte DCE Delegate | France

Florian Thill

Deloitte DCE Delegate | France

Wilson Kabera

Deloitte DCE Delegate | Belgium

Aimee Chetcuti

Deloitte NSE Delegate | Central Mediterranean

Erika Picarelli

Deloitte NSE Delegate | Central Mediterranean

Arushi Doshi

Deloitte NSE Delegate | Ireland

Cynthia Massaad

Deloitte NSE Delegate | Middle East

Nour Basma

Deloitte NSE Delegate | Middle East

Anna Klapwijk

Deloitte NSE Delegate | Netherlands

Laura Walkiers

Deloitte NSE Delegate | Belgium

Julia Ivehammar

Deloitte NSE Delegate | Nordics

Grit Zwingenberger

Deloitte NSE Delegate | Switzerland

Hope Davidson

Deloitte NSE Delegate | United Kingdom

Matt Juden

Deloitte NSE Delegate | United Kingdom

Laura Bodien

Deloitte US Delegate | US

Omar Shatrat

Deloitte US Delegate | US

Leah Khoury

Deloitte US Delegate | US

Naomi Weiner

Deloitte US Delegate | US

Thomas Bernhardt-Lanier

Deloitte US Delegate | US

Danielle DeVera

Deloitte US Delegate | US

William Appiah

Deloitte US Delegate | US

Marisa Mandrell

Deloitte US Delegate | US

Deepti Vennavalli

Deloitte US Delegate | US

Robert Huekler

Deloitte US Delegate | US

Axel Méndez

Deloitte S-LATAM Delegate | Mexico

Olivia Elizabeth Alarcón

Deloitte S-LATAM Delegate | Mexico

Isabel Lago Marcellino da Silva

Deloitte Brazil Delegate | Brazil

Valentina Isabel Oses Zarate

Deloitte Chile Delegate | Chile

Victoria Herrá Llano

Deloitte Spain Delegate | Spain

Sara Behrouzian

Deloitte Canada Delegate | Canada

Della Wang

Deloitte Canada Delegate | Canada

Blessing Akpan

Deloitte OYW Scholar | Nigeria

Angela Busheska

Deloitte OYW Scholar | North Macedonia

Benjamin Carvajal Ponce

Deloitte OYW Scholar | Chile

Lauren Dallas Davies

Deloitte OYW Scholar | South Africa

Soraya Fouladi

Deloitte OYW Scholar | USA

Anil Pradhan

Deloitte OYW Scholar | India

Jeremiah Thoronka

Deloitte OYW Scholar | Sierra Leone

Valy Phommachak

Deloitte OYW Scholar | Laos

Fabián Vaca

Deloitte OYW Scholar | Ecuador

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