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Communications and Change Management Planning

Developing a sustainable crisis communication response

The COVID-19 crisis is not a single, one-time event, but a series of circumstances that are constantly updating with new information and directives, and businesses must be able to adapt continuously. Leaders need to be resilient and encourage that same resiliency in their organizations. It is important to understand the impacts of the crisis, and to drive shifts in behavior that will ease employee concerns as well as enable business continuity.

Topics covered in this article include:

  • Critical impacts to understand, including shifting business priorities and the needs of employees
  • Actions to take, including the establishment of a PMO to manage risk and coordinate messaging, and the creation of contingency plans
  • Traits of a resilient leader, including clear and authentic communication, showing compassion and empathy, and using data to inform decisions
  • Behaviors for navigating disruption, including innovative thinking, support of colleagues, and upholding company values
Communications and Change Management Planning
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