Commitment to sustainable development

Addressing the complex challenges society faces today has become an expectation for business. Deloitte’s purpose-driven agenda has focused on creating societal impact—primarily through our WorldClass ambition that connects people with skills-building opportunities—and preparing business for Industry 4.0.

In 2020, we broadened our commitment to society with the introduction of our WorldClimate strategy, which will focus Deloitte on making responsible climate choices and becoming a leader in the effort to mitigate climate change. And through our ALL IN diversity and inclusion strategy, we continue to provide Deloitte people with equal opportunities to grow, develop and succeed in an environment where we hold each other accountable at all times.

The success of these priorities, together with our aspiration to be the undisputed leader in professional services, is measured using a “triple bottom line” of people, performance and planet.

Strategy and alliances

Deloitte’s strategy and multidisciplinary business model continued to drive success in FY2020. All five business areas—Audit & Assurance, Consulting, Financial Advisory, Risk Advisory, and Tax & Legal—grew during this time, a validation of Deloitte’s strategy to deliver high-quality, globally consistent service to Deloitte clients. Deloitte continued to evolve and innovate offerings to address current and emerging client needs, and maintained its focus on serving the public interest and working to restore trust in capital markets.

Deloitte’s success is driven, in part, by alliance relationships with many of the world’s most powerful and innovative companies that help Deloitte clients solve their most complex problems, shape new markets and create sustainable value.

Moving forward, Deloitte will continue to make markets and create opportunities to grow alliance-enabled business solutions. Deloitte will focus on offerings that organizations will need in this new environment—transformation, cyber and cloud—while continuing to deliver the full breadth and depth of the multidisciplinary model that Deloitte clients can depend on.

Community engagement

Deloitte is committed to helping millions of people around the world find meaningful work in the new economy. Through Deloitte’s societal impact initiative, WorldClass, we aim to empower 50 million people by 2030 by improving education outcomes, developing job skills and providing access to opportunities. Since launching three years ago, WorldClass has reached approximately 11.7 million people.

Deloitte launched a number of initiatives to aid people in response to COVID-19. In the past, several Deloitte firms hosted Impact Days, or annual days of service. We’ve reimagined our approach to giving back in response to COVID-19. Focusing on Impact Every Day, Deloitte has provided life-saving supplies to essential workers on the frontlines; donated airline ticket balances that enabled medical professionals to travel to treat patients; and provided additional support to WorldClass contributors to help the 1.5 billion children whose educations have been impacted by lockdowns.

Diversity and equal opportunity

At Deloitte, we want everyone to feel they can be themselves and to thrive at work—in every country, in everything we do, every day. This can only be achieved by providing a workplace culture characterized by inclusive everyday behaviors and built on a foundation of respect and appreciation for diversity in all its forms.

Deloitte stands against systemic bias, racism and unequal treatment. We take seriously our responsibility to listen, learn and lead the change we wish to see in the world.

Deloitte’s ALL IN diversity and inclusion strategy is focused not only on ensuring that all Deloitte people live the organization’s values and understand the importance of an inclusive culture empowered by inclusive leadership, but also on designing and implementing specific interventions designed to achieve Deloitte’s diversity goals. We are focused on providing everyone with equal opportunities to grow, develop and succeed in an environment where we hold each other accountable at all times.

Climate change

Environmental sustainability continues to be a C-suite level priority for Deloitte and advancing Deloitte’s progress on sustainability and climate change has been prominent on the agenda of the Deloitte Societal Impact Council, a senior leadership group focused on Deloitte’s social impact and responsible business agenda. During FY2020, one of the council’s main activities was to define Deloitte’s commitment to addressing climate change. As a result, WorldClimate , a new climate change strategy, was formulated to focus the organization on making responsible climate choices.

The four pillars that support Deloitte’s WorldClimate strategy include: achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030; addressing Deloitte’s internal policies and procedures to align with its climate ambitions; educating and inspiring Deloitte people to act on climate change; and working with ecosystems for collective impact. These ambitions were agreed to by the Deloitte Global Executive and Board in early FY2021 and will serve as Deloitte’s roadmap for the coming decade.

Ethics and integrity

Our Global Principles of Business Conduct (“Global Code”) outline Deloitte’s ethical commitments and expectations for Deloitte people globally, giving the organization a strong foundation built upon indelible principles. At Deloitte, we have placed ethical culture and values at the heart of our agenda, and we understand the critical responsibility Deloitte has to serve the public interest.

Deloitte actively supports multiple efforts to eradicate corruption throughout the world. Deloitte Global was an early signatory to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and to the World Economic Forum’s Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI).

Professional training and education

Deloitte combines common curricula, technology and innovative learning facilities—such as Deloitte University (DU)— to provide Deloitte people with the opportunity to build their leadership, industry and technical capabilities. Deloitte’s significant long-term investment in the Deloitte University system enables Deloitte people to advance their careers and participate in leadership development programs in a world-class learning environment. In FY2020, approximately 114,000 Deloitte people around the world experienced DU.

Even with the temporary closure of all Deloitte University facilities in the wake of COVID-19, the organization continues to provide its professionals with training opportunities, launching Cura, a virtual platform to deliver customized learning content instantly to approximately 330,000 Deloitte people. We’ve also maintained our commitment to professional development and promotion programs, understanding that building leaders for the future is more important than ever.

Responsible business and supply chain

Deloitte introduced Our Commitment to Responsible Business Practices and Supplier Code of Conduct in FY2020, codifying Deloitte’s long-held beliefs and principles around these key areas. Deloitte’s commitment to responsible business outlines the responsible business principles we believe in and the commitments we have made. These are embedded in our policies and inform our decision making. Deloitte’s Supplier Code of Conduct outlines our expectations of suppliers—that they support our commitment to doing not only what is good for business, but also what is good for those with whom we deal and the communities in which they live and work.

Public policy engagement

Deloitte Global’s public policy program focuses its attention on priority topics shaping the debate, including: advocating for a corporate reporting ecosystem that’s safe, transparent and accountable; preparing tomorrow’s diverse workforce with the appropriate skills and qualifications to find meaningful jobs and purpose; informing the future of regulation in an era of exponential technological advancement; and supporting a holistic approach to measuring social progress.

Privacy and data security

Safeguarding confidential information is core to the services Deloitte firms provide. Deloitte is committed to protecting confidential and personal information, including that of Deloitte clients and third parties, and to continually monitor regulatory and legal requirements to support compliance.

Continuing momentum

“Deloitte Global continues to be committed to supporting the UN Global Compact and advancing the Sustainable Development Goals,” says Deloitte Global CEO Punit Renjen. “Deloitte is optimistic about the future we are helping to build and excited to continue our shared quest of advancing business, people, communities and the world.”

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