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Innovative collaboration on disaster management in Brazil

Deloitte S.O.S. in Brazil brings disaster management best practices to Brazilian Red Cross

Deloitte Brazil worked with the Brazilian Red Cross to improve their operational efficiency and ability to prepare for and respond to natural disasters.

In recent years, Brazil has experienced a variety of natural disasters from catastrophic flooding in Rio de Janeiro to deadly landslides in the Teresópolis region.  These natural disasters have killed hundreds of people, displaced thousands more, and destroyed homes and infrastructure.  More than ever before, the Red Cross—a major international humanitarian actor with the mission to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the world—needs to bolster its strategic and operational capabilities for disaster preparation and response.

Across multiple countries, Red Cross chapters and Deloitte member firms have a history of working together.  From March to November 2012, Deloitte Brazil and the Brazilian Red Cross (BRC) worked together to improve the BRC Chapter São Paulo’s operational efficiency and ability to prepare for and respond to natural disasters.  

Deloitte professionals surveyed Red Cross chapters across the world for best practices in the areas of marketing, governance, partnerships, and revenue sources. They also analyzed World Health Organization recommendations and procedures used by other Latin American Red Cross chapters. These informed redesigned processes, the development of manuals, and updated training.  The initiative also increased BRC’s vital volunteer pool by over 100 registered volunteers. With leading practice processes, policies, and procedures in place, the BRC Chapter São Paulo is more prepared to respond to natural disasters, manage crises, and mitigate the impact on people’s lives and livelihoods.

This collaborative effort was part of the Deloitte S.O.S. project, which is one of the four winning ideas selected out of 424 entries from the Deloitte Brazil’s Innovation program in FY11. Deloitte S.O.S. sprung from the need to help society, governments, and organizations strategize around efficient and transparent resource allocation processes in the event of natural disasters.

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