Survey: Leadership competencies of management and supervisory board members

Polish business is waiting for leaders with new leadership competencies

Nearly 90 percent of Polish managers indicate that broad perspectives in corporate thinking, change leadership and ability to achieve planned financial objectives are the most important and desirable leadership competencies of management board members.

In turn, social capital related skills, especially those regarding human capital management, appear to be their key weakness.
Deloitte’s proprietary survey on Leadership Competencies has allowed building of the New Leadership Competency Model for management and supervisory boards, first time in Poland.

A group of business experts, scientists, advisors, HR and recruitment specialists indicated and defined the model of Ten Leadership Competencies important for post-crisis corporate management.

Critical results regard the perception of female managers and their role. Our survey has pointed out that presently women more favorably assess their leadership competencies and aspire to achieve top corporate positions.

When surveying New Leadership Competencies, two perspectives have been considered: this of management board members participating in the management routine and that of supervisory board members, whose role is focused on strategy and control.

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