Survey: SheFO – female careers in finance management

The way business people, in particular employees of finance departments, see the role of women.

In order to learn how business people, notably those from finance function, see the role of females, Deloitte carried out a special survey in February 2011.

It was accompanied by eight in-depth interviews with female holders of CFO or CEO positions.

The report we are presenting you with summarizes the findings of our survey and conclusions we have drawn both from its results and the interviews.  It provides answers to specific questions related to the role of women in business and corporate finance management and indicates advantages that can help them in becoming more efficient CFOs.

Further, it provides guidance female careers in the finance function and progressing up to the top CEO/CFO position in order to make it as easy for women as for men.

Key findings of the survey sound optimistic, as they show that many Polish stereotypes regarding the male and female roles do not exist anymore in business environment and that the female and male management styles differ from each other and most people consider the diversity to add value.

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