Supporting people with disabilities

Deloitte aims to provide an environment where people with both visible and nonobvious disabilities can actively and fully participate in the workplace and society. Deloitte Global and Deloitte firms have launched a number of awareness-building, coaching and education programs to enable professionals with disabilities to reach their full potential within the organization, as well as supporting skills development and career progression in society at large.

This intentional action is complemented by our global focus on fostering an inclusive workplace culture underpinned by respect, and by encouraging Deloitte people to put themselves in the place of others in underrepresented groups, such as those with disabilities, as highlighted in our recent award-winning Can you see me? campaign.

Our global focus on fostering an inclusive workplace for our colleagues with disabilities has been recognized by third-party organizations around the world, including in the US where, in 2020, Deloitte LLP achieved a perfect score in the Disability Equality Index’s best places to work ranking.

Deloitte Global and many Deloitte firms have also sought to advance the inclusion of professionals with disabilities through the sharing of best practices and resources, and via platforms and networks such as Deloitte Global’s, Deloitte UK’s and Deloitte Japan’s memberships in Valuable 500 and Deloitte Australia’s membership in the Australian Network on Disability. Many Deloitte firms also support community organizations, such as Deloitte UK supporting the NOW Group.


Emma Codd
Deloitte Global Inclusion Leader

Nhu Fabros
Managing Director, Deloitte Global Talent

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