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Explore actions within the three key phases of crisis: respond, recover, thrive

Leaders like you must consider the key phases of a crisis—respond, recover, thrive—and consider them concurrently. On this page you will find resources aligned to these phases that can help guide you and your business through these challenging times and emerge more resilient on the other side.

In the crucible of crisis, resilient leaders are defined first by who they are and what they do at different times and across multiple priorities. Deloitte has developed the following resources to help guide all leaders in organizations through the impacts of the current challenge and emerge more resilient.

Click on the stage your organization is in to find focused briefs on actions you can take to lead your business through challenging times.

As an organization responds to crisis, resilient leaders are defined first by five qualities which distinguish between surviving and thriving amidst crisis. Next, resilient leaders must take specific actions spanning three dimensions and evaluate them within the context of geographic location and sector. Finally, learnings from those experiencing the same crisis conditions should be leveraged to manage the response.

Deloitte Global CEO Punit Renjen shares specific steps that can help blunt a crisis’s impact —and enable organizations to emerge stronger in his guide for senior executives.

The heart of resilient leadership: Responding to COVID-19


Resilient leaders view recovery as a journey for their organization, teams and stakeholders. There are five imperatives within the Recover phase to guide the business from Respond to Thrive: Understand the required mindset shift, Identify and navigate the uncertainties and implications, Embed trust as the catalyst to recovery, Define the destination and launch the recovery playbook, and Learn from other's successes. 

Deloitte Global CEO Punit Renjen shares how executives can develop a recovery playbook that serves as a solid foundation for the post-COVID future.

The essence of resilient leadership: Business recovery from COVID-19

The recovery journey

Our thoughts on resilient leadership

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