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A collection of webinars, podcasts, and other events sharing Deloitte's insights on COVID-19

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Combating COVID-19 with Resilience: How Tax departments can prepare now

Deloitte UK's tax leaders provide an overview of the latest COVID-19 tax developments. Source: Deloitte United Kingdom

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How do you keep your global workforce connected during COVID-19

The “Staying Connected” webinar three-part series

March-April 2020 – Available on demand

The ‘Staying Connected’ three-part series of webinars provides perspectives and insights on all essential aspects of managing a global workforce during the COVID-19 crisis—and beyond. The global pandemic has myriad ramifications for both employers and employees—including immigration, employment law and tax considerations, and longer-term implications for the future of work past the global crisis. These webinars are now available on demand—please register now to view the three recordings.

Confronting the COVID-19 crisis | Deloitte Insights

There is no playbook for doing business in the time of COVID-19, but resilient, compassionate, and foresighted leadership helps. In this podcast, Deloitte US Partner Mike Kearney talks to seven Deloitte leaders from across the globe on how to lead companies, employees, and clients through a pandemic.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Impact on contracts - Force Majeure and MAC-clause | Deloitte Legal

16 April, 2020

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are faced with material problems in managing contracts. Companies have to deal with delivery bottlenecks, delays or other disruptions in performing obligations. Real estate agreements are also impacted, as well as extraordinary transactions such as mergers and acquisitions.


Locating Government and COVID-19

9 April, 2020

Hosted by the Deloitte Smart City practice, the webinar will feature government leaders from North America and Europe sharing how they are responding to this unprecedented crisis. Join us to learn about best practices, and to take part in a community discussion around common issues.


Employment Law Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Deloitte Legal

17 March, 2020

Deloitte Legal provides best-practice guidance on the impact of COVID-19 on the workforce. This panel comprised of experienced attorneys from both Deloitte Legal and Epstein Becker Green provided a global, best-practice perspective on employment law issues amidst the spread of the novel coronavirus.

COVID -19 recover & thrive: Security in the next normal starts now | Deloitte Canada

20 May, 2020 | 11:30 EDT

Join Laurie Pezzente, Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer of the Royal Bank of Canada, who will share her strategies to protect critical assets, customers, and people during the pandemic. This conversation will be facilitated by Emily Mossburg, Global Cyber Security Leader at Deloitte. We will aim to provide tangible insights to help our industry respond, recover, and thrive.

During and after the pandemic: Implications for the real estate sector | Deloitte US

6 May, 2020

The human and business impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic continue to unfold globally. Participants will gain insights on the current real estate environment and explore ways that real estate organizations can respond, recover, and thrive in the coming year.

Resilient: Confronting the COVID-19 Crisis | Deloitte US Actionable insights to help businesses respond and recover

Our Resilient: COVID-19 special podcast series features actionable insights to help businesses respond to evolving developments and plan for recovery. From crisis response strategies and economic scenarios to virtual workforce challenges and supply chain disruptions, tune in for practical guidance from trusted voices.

Responding to COVID-19 with business resilience, trust, and security | Deloitte US

19 March, 2020

How can organizations normalize operations in the aftermath of COVID-19?


A cyber perspective on a changing world | Deloitte North South

Thursdays (Weekly)

Each week our webinar focuses on a different topic that reflects the new world that we are operating in.

Responding to COVID-19: Updates and practical steps | Deloitte North South Europe

Thursdays (Weekly)

Ian Stewart will chair the sessions, with contributions from our experts sharing insights on the global economic impact of COVID-19, the challenges organisations are facing, and recommendations on how they can respond.

COVID-19 CHRO Virtual Forum | Deloitte North South Europe

24 April, 2020

The role of the CHRO is at the front-line of the organizational response to Covid-19. This webinar series explores the implications of Covid-19 on work, workforce and workplace. In the third in the series, Will Gosling, UK Human Capital Leader, will be joined by experts from workforce planning to discuss some of the decisions that leaders need to be making in the short and medium term to consider the shape and size of their evolving workforce. The expert panel will also consider what organizations are doing to raise the productivity of their staff during this extended remote working period.

Crisis response and recovery - Covid 19 economic update | Deloitte North South Europe

7 April, 2020

This webinar provides listeners with a better understanding and interpretation of essential Covid-19 economic updates - explaining exactly what they are and how to interpret them. Updates and commentary are based on ESRI’s scenario analysis.

Topics discussed in this webinar include;
Economic scenarios: Kieran McQuinn, Research Professor, ESRI
Covid-19 Risk & Analytics: Mike Ennis, Data Analytics & Cognitive AI Lead, Deloitte
Responding with business resilience: Harry Goddard, CEO, Deloitte

Maximizing Cash flow: A tax strategy to improve liquidity | Deloitte North South Europe

24 April, 2020

With the Coronavirus pandemic putting new demands on organizations, liquidity has become a key issue for many businesses and at any one time a significant element of a business’ cash flow is tied up in tax.

In this webinar we look at how you can minimise the impact that tax has on your cash flow, covering topics including;
Simple strategies to reduce cash tied up in VAT balances
Maximising corporate tax reliefs and accelerating cash flows
Considerations related to global mobility, payroll, immigration, working from home, including income tax measures to alleviate cash-flow

VAT implications of COVID-19 in KSA | Deloitte in the Middle East

Indirect Tax specialists in the Kingdom explore the Value Added Tax (VAT) implications of COVID-19 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)


Family governance and succession - implications for enterprising families | Deloitte Southeast Asia

19 June 2020

Family business leaders have been focused on responding to the near-term challenges of the current situation, while guiding their companies through a myriad of decisions with significant implications for their entire family enterprise. In this webinar, participants will gain insights on important governance trends, why succession planning is essential, all while considering tax implications.

Transfer pricing considerations of COVID-19: Part II - Business and supply chain restructuring imperatives | Deloitte Malaysia

16 June 2020

We share useful insights into inter-company financing aspects, business restructuring and several other transfer pricing issues arising from the current pandemic, looking at what various options organisations have in mobilizing funds and what relevant tax incentive are available in Malaysia.

Transfer pricing considerations of COVID-19: Part I - A dialogue with the regulator | Deloitte Malaysia

9 June 2020

We'll be discussing how organizations can manage and mitigate transfer pricing challenges of such routine/limited risk operations arising due to COVID-19, especially in light of the local transfer pricing audit environment.

Asia Pacific immigration: Trends and mindset | Deloitte Asia Pacific

4 June 2020

With the continued globalization, immigration has come to the forefront of companies' strategies. In this webinar, we'll discuss what are the immigration trends for foreign workforces, how to optomize synergies between immigration and tax, and what are the challenges businesses face in comprehensive administration environments. Deloitte professionals will share how employers benefit from the developing immigration policies in Asia Pacific, successfully migrate their foreign talents, and mitigate non-compliance risks.

Business operations efficiency and flexibility – Are you prepared for the new normal? | Deloitte Malaysia

4 June 2020

In this webinar, we unpack the insights we have gathered on business operations efficiency and flexibility, highlighting the challenges banks are facing today, and how Malaysian banks compare to their SEA peers.

The ideal investment destination for Industry 4.0 and supply chain realignment | Deloitte Malaysia

4 June 2020

Deloitte, in collaboration with the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) and Malaysia's InvestKL China Special Channel, will be sharing their insights on Industry 4.0 and supply chain restructuring in these volatile times.

COVID-19: Global trade impacts and considerations | Deloitte Asia Pacific

2 June 2020

Deloitte Global Trade Advisory (GTA) professionals throughout the world are monitoring developments with respect to trade regulatory measures and their impact to businesses. In this webinar, we'll discuss the recent trade regulatory developments in Asia Pacific and what trade measures businesses can consider as they seek to recover from the impact of COVID-19.

Thriving in volatile times: Transforming consumer business through location intelligence | Deloitte Southeast Asia

2 June 2020

Deloitte and Google Cloud will share insights to help you navigate through economic uncertainty while capturing market opportunities to emerge stronger beyond volatile times.

Accelerating digital transformation and outcomes in a challenging data climate | Deloitte Southeast Asia

27 May 2020

COVID-19 is undoubtedly accelerating the pace of digital transformation, forcing companies to prioritize their digitisation plans in order to keep up with operational needs during this challenging time. Join us as we discuss how organisations can “keep the lights on” and achieve strategic business objectives through digital transformation effort.

A 360 approach to an effective digital transformation for the Office of CFO | Deloitte Southeast Asia

27 May 2020

Business leaders are still stuck in their transformation journeys, finding themselves in a digital impasse. This is further complicated by unpredictable external factors like the emergence of gig economies and the new norm of working from home. Deloitte and Workday will share key insights and learnings to help organisations rethink through their governance of technology innovations and how they can create their effective digital transformation roadmap.

Transfer pricing update for financial services: The changing landscape | Deloitte Asia Pacific

26 May 2020

The pace of change and complexity of transfer pricing has continued to increase in Asia Pacific countries and transfer pricing has become even more difficult in the near term given the challenges firms face with COVID-19. As part of our Asia Pacific Dbriefs series on financial services tax, we will provide an update focused on managing financial services transfer pricing (FSTP) in uncertain times.

The state of Tax Administration in Southeast Asia, the Regulators' Perspective | Deloitte Southeast Asia

19 May 2020

Taxpayers are grappling with compliance requirements, examinations and government negotiations, and having to establish a control framework in a fast evolving complex regulatory environment. In this session the tax regulators will provide their perspectives and expectations on how the authorities are adopting technology in their compliance processes, what the authorities' expectations are in terms of tax control frameworks and how good governance helps the taxpayers navigate audits, and how transparency measures (e.g., CbCR, additional Tax Return Disclosures) are impacting the audit procedures and what taxpayers should expect in their future audits.

Staying ahead of the curve to recover and thrive: Synchronising your supply chain through times of uncertainty  | Deloitte Southeast Asia

14 May 2020

Join Deloitte and Anaplan as we discuss how organizations can gain insights into becoming agile and responding quickly to changing situations to move beyond volatile times and recover.

The Power of With: Humans working with machines are transforming tax | Deloitte Asia Pacific

12 May 2020

As tax departments are continually asked to do more with fewer resources, they are transforming operations and process management by implementing new technologies. Will the Power of With— where tax professionals work with machines—drive the future of tax?

REsilience webinar series: REdefining Business Continuity to Thrive | Deloitte Asia Pacific

30 April 2020

How have businesses in Asia Pacific shown strong resilience in the face of COVID-19? In this webinar, we will explore how business have ensured continuity through key areas, including maintaining working capital and liquidity, maximizing operational efficiency, and unearthing new opportunities from market and operational perspectives.

Internal Audit Considerations in Response to COVID-19: Navigating an Unprecedented Challenge | Deloitte Indonesia

30 April 2020

As organizations adapt to dealing with the initial impact of COVID-19, Internal Audit (IA) functions can have an important role to continue to provide critical Assurance, help Advise management & the Board, and help Anticipate emerging risks.

Software Asset Management: Thrive in Volatile Times | Deloitte Malaysia

28 April 2020

In this webinar, we will be discussing how organizations can gain a deeper understanding on where you stand in current asset management and software that can drive businesses to digitalizing your most critical document processes.

Accounting through turbulent times: COVID-19 and its impact on financial reporting and internal controls | Deloitte Malaysia

28 April 2020

The COVID‑19 pandemic and the MCO has caused a strain on the Malaysian economy, and affected our financial markets. Apart from the key priorities of health and the sustainability of business operations, businesses should also carefully consider the impacts of COVID-19 and the related measures taken by the government on financial reporting and internal controls. In our live webcast, our experts will be discussing all these and more, with a focus on the IFRS/MFRS accounting framework.

Indonesia Economic Impacts on Covid-19 - For CSG clients | Deloitte Indonesia

28 April 2020

In this webinar, Deloitte professionals will be discussing Asia Pacific economic conditions, specially for Indonesian companies, including the relief measures and incentives given by the Government and the Bank of Indonesia.

Recent developments on profit attribution in India and China | Deloitte Asia Pacific

28 April 2020

We will be focusing on countries such as India and China and more broadly covering the Asia Pacific region, and analyze the developments in these countries, dealing with the scope of and attribution to Significant Economic Presence.

Managing cash flow during a period of crisis | Deloitte Malaysia

27 April 2020

Covid-19 took the world by surprise in the new year and as the virus spreads, it is impacting businesses and markets globally. Businesses need to respond, refresh and accelerate planning to survive the downturn and position for growth on the other side. We will be discussing downturn scenario forecasting, working capital management, and credit and funding solutions.

Tax and HR considerations for your employees: Response to COVID-19 | Deloitte Asia Pacific

23 April 2020

Organizations are experiencing unprecedented level of interruption in different locations due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We'll be discussing the measures taken by tax authorities in major Asia Pacific locations to relieve the compliance and cash-flow burden of employers and taxpayers, how your mobile employees' tax positions might be impacted by travel restrictions and evolving immigration policies, and implications to rewards such as deferral of awards, changes to compensation policy, etc.

REsilience webinar series: REimagining customer engagement | Deloitte Asia Pacific

23 April, 2020

This Webinar shares insights on new business models, routes-to-market, and innovations deployed during COVID-19, many of which lay the foundation for businesses to thrive in the future.

Financing Australia through the crisis | Deloitte Australia

As COVID-19 ripples through Australia, the financial services industry is playing a critical role in our national response. In a special webcast edition of the Financial Review Banking & Wealth Summit, leaders from industry, the regulators and politics discuss how they plan to address this extraordinary challenge and finance Australia through the crisis.

Five ways to thrive in volatile times | Deloitte Southeast Asia

15 April, 2020

Through our conversations with global CxOs and Deloitte leaders in affected areas, Deloitte Southeast Asia will be providing Insights on the COVID-19 situation and recommending 5 key ways to help companies build resilience and ride out these turbulent times.


Webinar 7: Customer management - Respond, Recover and Thrive in era of new normal | Deloitte India

10 April, 2020

In a business-not-as-usual scenario, how can organizations create engagement with their key value drivers, customers? Customer mind-sets and behaviour have and will continue to evolve in a post-pandemic world. Extended lockdowns with no visible end-dates could lead to massive service disruptions. So what’s in store for our customers? In our webinar, we discuss:

• The need for a robust and empathy led communication strategy
• How to elevate human experience and retain trust with customers
• Ways in which to tune into customer sentiment - follow the customer’s ‘T&Cs’ (tips and clicks)
• Other considerations for organizations from a taxation and risk perspective

Webinar 6: Managing the year-end closing processes with resilience | Deloitte India

9 April, 2020

The current COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown have brought unforeseen challenges for businesses around the world. In India, the finance team plays a crucial role in organizations, ensuring external reporting compliances and providing business critical information to the management to facilitate decision-making. In today’s global environment, many organizations leverage shared services operating in different countries to support global service delivery. With so many dependencies and interlinkages, it is important to take a fresh look at how the year-end closing processes can be managed. In our webinar, we discuss:

• Key process challenges that finance functions are encountering in managing year-end close, reporting and audit processes
• Impact on regulatory compliances and need for technology driven compliance monitoring systems
• Overview of relaxations provided by regulators including MCA and SEBI
• Other considerations for organizations from internal controls and taxation perspective

Webinar 5: Workforce management and engagement strategies | Deloitte India

8 April, 2020

Talent and workforce management have been critical, burning issues for leadership teams across organizations and sectors. With work from home becoming the new norm, how can organizations make wise choices to have a winning talent strategy in COVID-19 times? In our webinar, we discuss:

• Developing an Agile workforce of the future to enable higher productivity
• Rethinking people practices to bring in process agility & rationalize costs
• Leadership resilience
• Enabling ecosystems from an HR policy perspective
• Global mobility, compliance and other immediate challenges for companies
• Risk considerations

Webinar 4: Digital working models amidst crisis – Data management, privacy and protection | Deloitte India

7 April, 2020

Digital working models are now the norm in the foreseeable future. With new working models come a new set of challenges and the need to focus on continuity and risk mitigation strategies that relate to data management, privacy, and protection. Our webinar looks at 5 key areas that must be managed effectively amidst the COVID working environment with a focus on continuity and risk mitigation, whilst planning early actions for the future:

• Infrastructure capability
• Remote working
• Cyber security and data breach
• Privacy and data protection
• Tax and regulatory frameworks

Webinar 3: Addressing disruptions in your supply chain: Actions for NOW! | Deloitte India

6 April, 2020

One of the most visible impacts from the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the disruption to supply chains across the world in a manner that does not have parallels. Leaders are confronted with new situations, encountering constraints that change by the day and are forced to address paradoxes as they make their decisions. Our webinar looks at potential ways to respond to the four paradoxes around survival, fulfilment, operating model and resilience. We discuss a comprehensive set of dimensions covering

• Planning for demand and supply
• Contracts and obligations
• Inventory/working capital
• Business continuity planning
• Cyber risk
• Taxation

Webinar 2: Ensuring certainty in uncertain times: The evolving role of Command Centers | Deloitte India

3 April, 2020

At the front line of managing a pandemic created by COVID-19 lies an organization’s ability to set up a Next-Gen Crisis Command Center. This requires various skill-sets and departments to work together to create an all-encompassing, comprehensive process. In this webinar we look at the Next-Gen Crisis Command Center through the following strategic aspects:

• Workforce and talent
• End to end supply chain management
• Customer interaction and service
• Financial continuity and working capital management
• Technology and digital enablement
• Branding strategy and integrated scenarios

Webinar 1: Working capital planning and cash flow management | Deloitte India

2 April, 2020

Managing working capital and cash flows efficiently during a global crisis will be most top of mind for our C-suite community. What strategies can orgnizations have in place in order to respond with resilience? In our webinar, we discuss:

• How to build a structure and framework for agile forecasting
• Ways in which liquidity can be optimised through receivables and payables management
• Effective tax strategies as an enabler for cash flows
• What “keeping the light on” entails in COVID-19 times

Combating COVID-19 with resilience

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