Stop churning and start earning with enhanced customer lifetime value

Deloitte + Salesforce can show you how

Profitable growth has become the new battle ground of the streaming wars. And customer lifetime value has become the priority objective. To stay competitive, streaming services need to move from being content-centric to becoming customer-oriented.

Deloitte Digital and Salesforce can help streaming services create a fast, effective and efficient path to enhanced customer lifetime value.

Know them, keep them, grow them

Stop the churn

62% of consumers ‘hit and run’ after watching a specific show1

Reduce the need for promotions by using predictive insights to anticipate and react before the customer churns. And do it proactively - not reactively – thereby saving costs and retaining customers. Guided by the Deloitte AI Institute, we work with organizations that are on the cutting edge of AI innovation to responsibly harness the power of AI to drive positive business outcomes.

Spend less

$200 per year is spent on marketing to acquire a customer on some services2

Capturing customer 360º data is key to building customer lifetime value, identifying the right customers and uncovering predictive insights to retain them. Deloitte’s InSightIQ can help you see and act on what others can’t. Drawing on highly granular and frequently refreshed sources, InSightIQ’s powerful insights capabilities lead to decisions that could make a difference for your business.

Grow faster

23% will stay if you offer them new movie releases the day they arrive in theaters3

Once you have customer insights and signals, it’s time to take action to maximize value and subscriber profitability. This includes leveraging Salesforce Media Cloud to offer packages and bundles, plus the cross-selling and up-selling of adjacent offerings. Drive profitable customer relationships and grow revenue faster by targeting offers at high-value customers and quickly determining the next best action to retain them.

Make customer lifetime value your platform

By combining Deloitte’s industry experience and trusted data sources with Salesforce Media Cloud, we help streaming services move to profitability by reducing subscriber churn, managing acquisition costs and creating upselling opportunities.

Ask us how you can stop the churn; spend less to acquire customers; and drive more revenue with Deloitte and Salesforce.

Deloitte + Salesforce can show you how.


1Digital media trends COVID-19 pulse survey, Deloitte, October 2020.
2Deloitte calculated this range by dividing “marketing” expense by “net subscriber adds” for three major streaming services.
3Digital media trends COVID-19 pulse survey, Deloitte, October 2020.


How can media and entertainment companies develop lasting relationships with discriminating consumers? Our latest survey reveals a world being reshaped by the COVID-19 pandemic and generational trends.

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