Accounting & Reporting Advisory

Enhancing confidence in the accounting decisions made by finance leaders through proactive, practical, and business-oriented insights

Regulatory, technological, and business complexities are driving finance and accounting teams to re-evaluate their accounting policies, processes, controls, and systems. Do you have an advisor you can trust to stay ahead of the game?

Accounting & Reporting Advisory services

Staying ahead of new financial reporting requirements can be difficult—particularly for companies that do not have in-house resources to address complex accounting and disclosure matters. The complex accounting decisions organizations make can have a profound impact on how they are evaluated by stakeholders—and their overall financial stability.

To enhance confidence in the accounting decisions made by Finance leaders, Deloitte provides a pragmatic, business-oriented approach that considers the holistic impact to stakeholders and the organization.

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New accounting standards implementations

On-call advisory services

GAAP conversion

Technical assurance, remediation, and compliance

Managed services and sourcing

Key Contacts

John Kent

John Kent

Global Complex Accounting Assurance Leader

John leads global strategy and is dedicated to ensuring Deloitte delivers high quality and consistent accounting advice across the network of member firms. With 6 years of front office investment bank... More

Geoff Lamont

Geoff Lamont

Global Disruptive Events Assurance leader

Geoff is an assurance partner in the A&A practice with over 19 years’ experience with complex accounting, finance function improvements and M&A. As the global leader of the disruptive events assurance... More