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Danica Rosso | Malta

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What has been your favorite part of working for Deloitte?

It has to be the huge amount of learning I have experienced in the past five years. It’s incredible how much one can learn at Deloitte Malta, with so many constant and exciting opportunities to deepen one’s knowledge in any area, and with so many people to learn from.

What will stand out for you as the greatest benefit of working for Deloitte?

Apart from the learning opportunities, the greatest benefit is the Deloitte network—over 260,000 people across the world, whom I know I can reach out to for support and collaboration, and from whom I will receive instant feedback.

What is it about working for Deloitte that inspires you the most?

Deloitte gives me the will to always do more and do it better. This inspiration comes from the incredible talent which surrounds me.

How has Deloitte invested in you as a leader, helping you grow?

Deloitte Malta recognizes my strengths and opens up doors for me to develop further in my area through regular training, allowing me to attend international conferences, and giving me opportunities to network easily with my global colleagues.

List your proudest professional and personal achievements.

My proudest professional achievement was when the firm awarded me with the “Mark de Giorgio Memorial Award for Excellence” in 2015. The award recognizes individuals who show commitment, team spirit, leadership, quality and initiative. My proudest personal achievement happens every day as I watch my young daughter while she discovers the world.

What is one thing that people might be surprised to learn about you?

They might be surprised to learn that I impulsively adopted an ex-racing horse this month, although I know nothing about horses. We are now getting to know each other, I am taking riding lessons, and I’m doing the best I can to learn all that I need to know, and quickly!

Danica Rosso with Ronnie

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