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Lisa Caulfield | United States

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Tell us about your career path at Deloitte (How long have you worked for Deloitte, how has your career evolved?)

I have been with Deloitte for almost eight years, starting out with Deloitte US’s Office of the CEO Pursuits team as their lead analyst, supporting business development in the Audit practice. I then joined our US Recruitment Brand team where I now get the opportunity to help lead our recruitment branding efforts for the Consulting and Federal practices. I’ve been lucky to have these two very unique opportunities with Deloitte US and, based on my personal experience, there is no other environment built for learning and development quite like Deloitte.

What has been most interesting, challenging, or surprising about working for Deloitte?

The most challenging aspect of working for Deloitte US is the constant evolution and changing needs of the marketplace. As a brand manager, I’m constantly adapting and innovating to meet the needs of our many audiences by looking for new technology platforms to help us be more efficient in our marketing and branding efforts or working with our brand research team to understand the latest trends. No day is ever the same, which is what I love about Deloitte.

What will stand out for you as the greatest benefit of working for Deloitte?

I’m getting ready to have my first child in November, and I’ll be able to participate in Deloitte US’s Paid Family Leave Program. To me it is one of the greatest benefits that we offer to our professionals! I’m grateful to work for a place that values its people and their families.

What is it about working for Deloitte that inspires you the most?

What inspires me the most is the intelligence and work ethic of my teammates and my leaders on the US Brand team. They are truly some of the best people you could hope to have on your team. Their energy and their enthusiasm stand out the most; those are the types of people I like to work with.

How has Deloitte invested in you as a leader, helping you grow?

Deloitte has invested in me as a leader by giving me the opportunity to take the trainings and coursework needed to grow and expand my skillset in my current role. In 2010, I participated in one of the first pilot classes at Deloitte University, our leadership center, and I love going there to meet up with my colleagues across the country. At DU, we get the hands-on training we need to return to our work inspired and energized about the impact we are making for our organization, our people, and our clients.

How do you feel that you have been able to make an impact while working at Deloitte?

I feel I’ve been able to make an impact that matters with our Recruitment Brand team by innovating and helping the firm improve upon the experience that candidates can have with Deloitte US—from their first interactions with a recruiter until they receive their offer. Our Recruitment Brand team is always thinking of new ways and ideas to improve the candidate’s experience. Every month we meet to share ideas, ask questions, and think of new ways to help bring the best talent to Deloitte.

List your proudest professional and personal achievements.

In my first year with Deloitte US, I was one of the winners of our Global Innovation competition, which involved crowdsourcing, and coming up with innovative concepts and solutions we could then deliver to our own people. I got the chance to meet new professionals across the globe, share my ideas, and pitch them to some of our most senior leaders. It was really cool to join Deloitte and be able to make an impact like that right away.

One of my proudest personal achievements is completing over 10 full marathons and many long-distance relay runs across the country with some of my favorite colleagues and leaders here at Deloitte US. I have so many good memories from these races that I know I can’t get anywhere else.

Where do you see your career going in the next 5 years? 10?

In the next five years, I’d love to continue to make an impact that matters at Deloitte, always learning, and expanding on my leadership skills. I hope that I’ll be serving as a mentor and sharing the knowledge I’ve gained with our younger practitioners in Marketing & Communications.

Lisa Caulfield

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