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Why Deloitte

Mireya Hernandez Almazan | Mexico

Tell us about your career path at Deloitte (How long have you worked for Deloitte, how has your career evolved?)

I have worked as a CMT coach with Deloitte Mexico for almost five years. I started performing coaching services for our Integration Technology service line, and now, I am the coach for Strategy and Operations, Human Capital, and Deloitte Digital. The coaching services I perform include advisory, facilitation, set-up, and support of the essential deliverables of a project based on Deloitte methods, standards and tools. I am certified as PMP, CSM, and ARIS CBA; that helped me become the PMC and IP5 lead coach in Deloitte Mexico. I am also a cross-line coach, which means I support all managers in CMT Mexico who work with the rest of the consulting service lines.

What has been most interesting, challenging, or surprising about working for Deloitte?

I am amazed about the continuous learning process. There is always something new and, because of my role, it is very important for me to be updated with the latest trends in the market; that is why I am always studying, doing certification programs and method updates. I am very proud of my job, and I always tell my daughters to never stop studying and learning, no matter the age.

What will stand out for you as the greatest benefit of working for Deloitte?

The culture and people. I feel that I have had a positive impact in Deloitte Mexico; this firm is great because of its people and its culture (trust and ethics), and this working environment is around you all the time, making you feel engaged in everything you do.

What is it about working for Deloitte that inspires you the most?

I often tell my family and friends that working at Deloitte Mexico is a great opportunity because the firm cares about people as individuals, not as numbers or money. The firm promotes wellness, respect for personal time, impact to the society, environment, respect for diversity, as well as professional development and fair salaries.

How do you feel that you have been able to make an impact while working at Deloitte?

I have trained partners, managers and senior managers in the use of methods, tools and standards. I have contributed in different project by helping them doing their job in a better and differentiated way.

List your proudest professional and personal achievements.

I am very proud of my team. I actually had the opportunity to be part of its creation and I think we are all well-prepared for coaching duties. Apart from that, we are very well-integrated, we help and trust each other. I can count on my colleagues in every possible way, inside and outside the job.

What is one thing that people might be surprised to learn about you?

I love running and am currently enrolled in a training program to run a marathon. So I wake up every day at 4:30 a.m. to run two hours or more; after that, I prepare myself to go to work. I am also a mother and love spending time with my kids, who have their own needs, so I have a lot of things to get done in just one day. It is sometimes hard and difficult, but it is worth doing.

Mireya Hernandez Almazan

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