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Steven Plummer | United States

Tell us about your career path at Deloitte (How long have you worked for Deloitte, how has your career evolved?)

I joined the US firm eight years ago as a graphic designer within Documents and Creative Services (DCS). At the time, DCS operated under a 24/7/365 “follow-the-sun” model where work was assigned to designers in set blocks of time. When the scheduled time was up, projects were returned to the queue to be picked up and moved forward by another designer. Shortly after I joined the firm, I was able to help pilot a program reshaping the way our team worked. The new process emphasized collaboration with our customers, driving them to view us as valued team members and include us in projects earlier in the project lifecycle. This has allowed us to better understand their needs and thus to provide them more valuable input.

What has been your favorite part of working for Deloitte?

I really enjoy the people here. In addition to my work teams, which are global and diverse, I’m also active in several local office organizations. I’m a leader for the Pittsburgh chapter of Globe & Allies BRG (Deloitte’s LGBT & Allies Business Resource Group) and I participate with our Community Service, and Impact Day planning committees. This participation allows me to give back to my community in multiple meaningful ways.

What has been most interesting, challenging, or surprising about working for Deloitte?

It’s both interesting and challenging to have a left brain driven career within a traditionally right brain kind of organization. That said, the most surprising thing I discovered at Deloitte US was how creative so many of our people truly are. There is generally an understanding of and appreciation for the value that my work brings to the firm.

What will stand out for you as the greatest benefit of working for Deloitte?

The diversity of the people and the project work. I’ve been fortunate to have a few opportunities for travel (both domestic and international) and I’ve recently been assigned to a global team, giving me more opportunities to interact with practitioners from all over the world.

How has Deloitte invested in you as a leader, helping you grow?

A few years ago, I was given the opportunity to help lead a multifaceted awareness campaign that, in addition to promoting our team internally, was also used to develop relationships within the team across several centers, including our Hyderabad office. I was sent to Panama to participate in MIRA, an Americas Design conference, where I was able to meet and spend time with designers from all of the Americas. This year, I was selected to participate in the FA Best in Class program, where I continue to develop myself.

How do you feel that you have been able to make an impact while working at Deloitte?

Within my team, I am valued as someone you can come to for opinions and advice. Whether questions are about the firm, internal procedures, creative design, or conceptualization, I am always willing to share what I think, what I know, or at the very least what I think I know.

List your proudest professional and personal achievements.

One of the more recent high points (both professionally and personally) was co-facilitating a “PowerPoint for non-designers” training. The training was run live via Skype with over 1,000 practitioners in attendance. Public speaking and training are two things that are completely outside of my comfort zone. But, I realized I was probably one of the more knowledgeable team members when it came to this application, so I volunteered for the task and with the help of members from Global Brand, we put together a one-hour session that was well-received. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed myself and I would not hesitate to take on another opportunity like this.

What is one thing that people might be surprised to learn about you?

Most people who know me, know that I am married (33 years this year), and have three adult children (all of them people I would want to know even if we weren’t related). But only a handful of my coworkers know that 11 years ago, after many years of hiding my true self, I came out to my wife and kids. It was not an easy series of conversations to have, and we worked hard as a family to get through it. But, I recognized how much energy it was taking to keep myself hidden and how little joy we were finding in life because of this. Today, we probably know each other better than most families ever will. Sharing my truth has made it easier for us all to continue to be honest with each other.

Steve Plummer

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