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Politics, economics, markets, customers—nothing can be taken for granted when determining what poses a risk to your organization.

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The three minute guide to risk analytics

In many organizations, the issue of risk can be maddeningly hard to pin down, much less manage. What’s our threshold for risk? Are we tracking and forecasting our performance in a way that offers visibility into which risks we’re taking? What are the risks to achieving our strategic objectives? Which metrics should we apply? If you’ve ever grappled with tough questions like these, you already know the challenges inherent in risk management.

Risk Analytics is an effective tool for any organizations looking to more clearly define, understand and manage their risk profile or to increase their “Risk Intelligence”. Risk Analytics can give organizations visibility into many kinds of systemic risks, from credit risk and market risk to operational, reputational and cyber risk. It can help leaders deploy capital and manage their supply chain at a level that matches their risk tolerance. For organizations exposed to significant regulatory risk, it can be an important tool for helping to achieve compliance.

And that’s just the start.

Some organizations are great at risk management; others are great at business analytics. Deloitte member firms are recognized as world leaders in both areas and have brought them together in the Risk Analytics practices which help organizations plan, monitor and model their enterprise risk.

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Deloitte Analytics

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Risk analytics

The three minute guide to risk analytics.

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