Tracking the trends videos

Explore the trends and disruptors that are on this horizon for mining companies this year.

Ian Sanders, Mining & Metals Leader at Deloitte Australia, speaks to Lee-Anne de Bruin, Chief Financial Officer at Resolute Mining, about the ways to operationalize inclusion and diversity at workplace—a key strategic imperative for mining companies.

Ian Sanders with Lee-Anne de Bruin part 1

Ian Sanders with Lee-Anne de Bruin part 2

Phil Hopwood, Deloitte’s Global Mining & Metals Leader, talks about the top 10 trends transforming the future of mining.

Andrew Swart at #MiningIndaba2020

Andrew Swart, Global Mining & Metals Leader is interviewed by CNBC Africa's Chris Bishop at #MiningIndaba2020 where be broadly discusses the Tracking the Trends 2020 report.

Watch the video to learn what lies ahead of the mining industry.

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