Managing disruption podcast


Managing Disruption: A Consumer podcast

Consumer companies are constantly being disrupted by a range of consumer trends, technologies and macro events. The behaviour of consumers are rapidly evolving, while new technologies, digitalization and automation impact and change the way products are being manufactured and consumed. Changes in consumer and business regulations require business leaders to rapidly adjust supply chains and business models. Success or failure of businesses can depend on the speed at which changes occur in, and adjustments of business models are being adopted and implemented.

Deloitte’s Managing Disruption podcast series focuses on Consumer businesses and provides an industry lens on the challenges impacting them in this global marketplace.

Trade spending evolution

Driving higher sales without generating more volume

Andrew Bond (speaker) and Greg Jarrett (interviewer)

The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry has endured several challenges in recent years, such as shifting consumer preferences, international trade disputes, and increased market consolidation. It can be challenging for these companies to adjust their go-to-market strategies to remain competitive, and many CPG companies are attempting to tackle these threats head on, often at the expense of brand equity.

CPG companies are focusing on rebuilding and optimizing trade spend (discounts provided to retailers, wholesalers, and operators) to deliver higher levels of profitable revenue. This podcast looks at how trade spending must be transformed, optimized, and augmented to remain competitive, and how increasing focus on ROI, policy, analytics, and accountability is just as important to gain insights and drive higher sales without increasing volume or sacrificing margin.

Trade plays an important role in that buyer-seller relationship. It's ultimately used to determine revenue and margin for both the retailer and the manufacturer. In markets that are traditionally lower growth, it's a critical lever for both buyers and sellers to grow top line as well as bottom line.

Andrew Bond