Building the next generation of financial services technology leaders

To attract, grow and retain tech talent for engineering and IT across every vertical of the organization, a prominent financial services company teamed up with Deloitte to redefine its company culture as a “tech company that does banking”.



‘Tech College’ was launched with a multifaceted, progressive tech learning program which links directly to the company’s cultural and growth priorities. The curriculum framework develops the skills sets for both technical and non‑technical roles, and proactively helps the financial services company to stay on the cutting edge of technology concepts.

The structure and insights gained from the college has allowed the organization to better align with its recruiting needs and career development practices, while promoting a holistic tech culture and mindset among its employees – enhancing their value proposition and competitive advantage for the future success of the business.

Tech-tonic shifts are happening now. Work with a team of experts who help financial services firms adapt to, and take advantage of, technological change.

Key contacts

Richard Widdas

Partner and Global Financial Services Consulting leader
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Scott Nicholass

Partner and Global Financial Services Consulting Technology leader
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Lauren Schmidt

Director and Global Financial Services Consulting Chief of Staff
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