Adaptive Strategies for Impact Investing

Strategic advisory for investors, social enterprises, intermediaries and field-builders

Successful strategies clearly articulate the investor’s goals and priorities, account for ground realities of today’s impact enterprise landscape, and anticipate future growth and evolution within the ecosystem. Having worked with some of the leading players in the Impact Investing field, Deloitte member firms’ practitioners offer strategic advisory services designed to help clients establish winning strategic roadmaps and achieve financial and societal leadership in a rapidly evolving field.

Stories from the field 

In 2011, a foundation hired Monitor Institute, now part of Deloitte, to support its strategic review process. As one of the leading intermediaries in the impact investing space, the foundation sought to develop a strategic vision that would allow it to deliver on its near-term strategic priorities while putting the right building blocks in place for achieving its vision for a just society. The team developed a strategic roadmap for the organization and helped its executive team identify ways to align its portfolio and operations to its strategic vision. 

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