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No matter how complex the issues you are facing — and no matter where they arise — Deloitte member firms have the resources and answers you need to move forward.

As strategic advisers to the top thirty global investment managers, Deloitte member firms understand the importance of having confidence in your people, your processes, and your reporting. Deloitte member firm practitioners help clients act decisively on a daily basis through connectedness — bridging markets and market developments, managers and managed solutions, and business leaders and balance sheets. Our member firms’ multidisciplinary practices empowers clients to go beyond the ledger, merging worldly awareness and local smarts to spot for new opportunities and deliver disciplined growth throughout their business’s life cycle. Deloitte member firm practitioners see every challenge and opportunity through the lens of their clients, bringing fresh perspective and insights that enhance their focus and strengthen their ability to compete and win. Our recommendations and our relationships yield results — when it matters most.

Strategic decisions for global investment management

The global investment management industry is in an enviable spot. Investment managers have steadily added new assets while navigating the complexities of the business. Having grasped this balance, investment managers are now looking to up their game and they need to make clear choices about where to play and how to develop a competitive advantage. At Deloitte, we detail seven strategic decisions investment managers will likely need to consider. It is important for investment managers to reflect on their priorities and understand how these decisions interact and impact their businesses.

Strategic decisions for global investment management

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  • What markets, products, and distribution models will help achieve your goals?

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  • What infrastructure and capabilities are needed to support growth in this new environment?

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  • How are you balancing cost controls and new growth initiatives?

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  • How are you staying ahead of regulatory changes across the globe?

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  • How are you managing an expanding range of risk types?

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  • To what extent are you turning big data into business intelligence?

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  • How are you handling the volume and complexity of tax compliance and reporting?

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Deloitte’s global investment management group is comprised of more than 7,000 practitioners providing a spectrum of assurance and advisory, tax, enterprise risk, regulatory and consulting services to a broad range of investment management companies. Our member firm clients include investment advisers and administrators from every sector of the industry, including investment managers, wealth managers, broker-dealers, banks, insurance companies, mutual funds, investment partnerships, hedge funds, private equity funds, alternative products, and other money managers. The group aims to provide unmatched levels of service and insight across the investment management value chain.

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