Market Building for Impact Investing

Strengthening the impact investing ecosystem, including “aligned action” services

Successful ecosystem efforts are often the result of multiple, parallel interventions where players from across sectors work together to facilitate, stimulate, and even enforce action. Learning from “aligned action” engagements across a host of issue areas and geographies, the Deloitte member firms can help individual clients and client consortia agree to and deliver on a common mandate and action agenda. Services range from strategy formulation, to meeting facilitation, research, and project management support. 

Stories from the field 

Given the highly evolving nature of the impact investing industry, there is a need to have a strong and supportive ecosystem. Other than research studies, the team has supported initiatives focused on enhancing transparency and reporting practices worldwide as well as a range of convenings focused on rallying practitioners around ways to enhance the impact investing ecosystem. Efforts include support related to: 

  • Enhancing Transparency and Reporting Practices: Deloitte’s experience in sustainability and leadership in advancing financial and non-financial reporting led to an invitation from a consortium of field-builders, to help build a “FASB and GAAP equivalent” for impact investing
  • Facilitating Dialogue and “Collective action”: Alongside a leading foundation, our team has supported a series of impact investing conferences and meetings to bring together leading players, identify challenges in the sector, and develop strategies to address them through collaboration.  Deloitte U.S. has also provided targeted support to bringing the US impact investing community and CDFIs closer together.

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