Measuring Impact for Impact Investing

Performance measurement, reporting and analytics support

Recognized performance measurement and reporting standards allow an organization to report on its impact, return, and risk profile. If designed well, they also enable better management decision making and promote transparency and increased confidence in the information disclosed to the market. Leveraging deep experience with global financial and non-financial standards setters and ratings organizations, as well as with corporations seeking “impact transparency”, the Deloitte member firms support clients in implementing rigorous, yet practical impact evaluation and reporting practices. 

Stories from the field 

A key impediment to new capital flowing into the impact investing marketplace has been the lack of tools and metrics through which to assess, benchmark, and report impact. It has been difficult for investors to compare investment opportunities across markets, industries, and impact areas using comparable, transparent, and independently verified tools.  Deloitte is a pioneer funder of B Lab’s GIIRS and serves as the preferred provider for third-party desk and on-site reviews for companies and funds seeking a GIIRS rating. In addition, a Monitor Deloitte team helped develop a roadmap that would help a field-builder scale and “mainstream” its activities alongside a quickly evolving global impact investing market. 

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