Scaling Social Enterprises

Strategies to accelerate the growth of social and impact enterprises

Many different models exist to establish social enterprises that operate at scale. Models range from prizes, accelerator models, or fellowships for starting entrepreneurs, to support for commercially-focused enterprises looking to assume a double or trip bottom line. The Deloitte member firms worldwide have worked with social enterprises, intermediaries, and field builders alike to develop and implement scaling models that are most appropriate given the goals and unique context in which they operate. 

Stories from the field

Impact investors often note that the lack of a strong investment pipeline is a key challenge to building and scaling the industry.  Too few social enterprises have the right systems and structures in place to be investable and fewer still that have achieved meaningful scale and thus can absorb larger amounts of capital successfully. Monitor Deloitte is working with a leading foundation to identify and examine innovative acceleration solutions to help impact enterprises achieve scale. Through a combination of primary and secondary research, we analyzed the current state of the market and identified gaps. Through our role as an advisor on a grant-giving process, we are helping the foundation test various solutions to help enterprises overcome challenges with an aim to better understand and disseminate effective ideas to help social enterprises grow globally.

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