Insurance Accounting Newsletter

The Insurance Accounting Newsletter provides a regular update on the development of the new accounting requirements for the insurance industry and a detailed analysis of the meetings of the IASB and the FASB.


Insurance IFRS Meeting Notes

Deloitte observers provide an independent record of meetings of the International Accounting Standards Board.


IFRS Project Insights: Insurance Contracts

The IASB is undertaking a project on the accounting for insurance contracts in order to develop a comprehensive standard to address recognition, measurement, presentation and disclosure requirements.


Insurance IFRS Podcasts

Three podcasts: The alignment of Insurance IFRS with Solvency II; The operating model implications; The impacts on external stakeholders


Insurance IFRS Videos

Interviews on the latest exposure draft on Insurance IFRS contracts

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Insurance IFRS Leaders

Find the leaders and contact information for Insurance IFRS in the Deloitte member firms.