Three strategies for implementing HR in the cloud​

SaaS-enabled HR transformation

SaaS HRMS solutions are proving to be key enablers of HR transformation for many organizations around the world. HR leaders wanting to realize the benefits of SaaS solutions can start by confirming their strategic objectives for such a deployment and weighing the talent, core HR, and transform strategies for implementation. Choosing the right implementation strategy, identifying potential constraints to deployment, and assessing the organization’s tolerance for such a change can help position organizations to capitalize on SaaS technology.

Three key steps for choosing a SaaS HR implementation strategy

SaaS HR solutions represent an important opportunity to enable HR leaders to execute against their strategic plans. The following are three steps organizations can take to determine which SaaS HR implementation strategy would produce optimal business results:

  • Identify current and future business needs and develop a future HR vision that aligns on the “destination” for the journey. Understand how services are delivered today against future aspirations to measure organizational appetite for SaaS-enabled HR transformation
  • Based on business objectives and future vision, prioritize each implementation strategy by considering the types of journeys involved and their key characteristics such as variations in strategic focus and value, speed, and investment required, as well as the anticipated outcomes and implications expected from each strategy
  • Determine any organizational, service delivery and technology constraints to deployment. Choose a strategy that best enables the SaaS solution to focus on the right priorities with a suitable implementation timeline

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Three strategies for implementing HR in the cloud
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