European legal measures to address COVID-19

RESPOND – A global COVID-19 response for in-house counsel

Central Europe dispute resolution initiative

Tax and non-tax litigation

The COVID-19 crisis has challenged our long-established concepts of traditional dispute resolution. In some jurisdictions, court hearings have been suspended, and deadlines for filing lawsuits and appeals extended.

The “Central Europe Dispute Resolution Initiative” is a booklet covering tax litigation and non- tax litigation (e.g. commercial, civil, employment, administrative law) practices in 10 countries in Central Europe. It sets out the measures that each country has implemented around dispute resolution, and recommends actions to companies throughout the cycle of responding to the COVID-19 crisis, recovering from its impact, and thriving after the end of the pandemic.

Last updated: April 2020

The EU under the magnifying glass

With countries in lockdown accounting for over 50% of global GDP, numerous indicators suggest that, in the long run, companies will have to master a new environment. While commercial activity and global demand for different commodities decrease, businesses around the world will face many challenges, including uneasy consumers, new health protocols and a stop-start rhythm that inhibits efficiency. Governments are putting in place immediate measures in order to mitigate the social and economic impact of the outbreak.

Deloitte examines the measures adopted in the economic, social and employment areas, highlighting the most important actions taken in the European regions. The ”Deloitte COVID-19 EU measures” booklet provides insights and synthetized information about the major measures taken by the European countries in relation to COVID-19.

The material is updated as the situation progresses and new measures are implemented around the world. The current version is therefore a thorough and accurate situation analysis at the publication date.

Last updated: 21 May 2020