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Views on topical issues impacting the life sciences & health care industry

This series of blogs, powered by Deloitte’s US and UK Centers for Health Solutions, provides deep insights into the latest industry trends with a way forward.

Thoughts from the UK

Deloitte’s UK Centre for Health Solutions generates insights and thought leadership based on the key trends, challenges and opportunities within the life sciences and health care industry. These insights are reflected in their blogs on various topics such as biotechnology, diseases, health care, medical devices, mental health, pharmaceuticals and regulatory.


Latest blogs

The Future of Public Health: Narrowing the gap

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Value-based contracting is gaining traction… is medtech ready?

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How digital health apps are empowering patients, improving outcomes, and increasing accessibility

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Beyond COVID-19: Unlocking the power of mRNA vaccines and therapies

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US Health Forward blog

Connect to the forces of change across life sciences and health care today through the US Health Forward blog. These blogs explore the latest leadership insights to stay ahead of industry trends and key issues on health care, medtech, biopharma, and health equity.


Latest blogs

Is pharma ready to focus on the consumer?

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Addressing racial disparities in breast cancer

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Extending the hospital ward: How India’s COVID surge inspired a new strategy to improve care and equity

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Orchestrating a patient-centric cell/gene ecosystem

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