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2015 Global aerospace and defense sector financial performance study

This study analyzes the top global 100 A&D companies or business units of industrial conglomerates with A&D business with reported revenue of more than US$500 million in 2014 with financial statements filed by 31 December, 2014 unless otherwise specified.

2015 Global Aerospace and Defense Outlook

Revenue and earnings growth in the commercial aerospace sector is expected to be a bright spot and driving force behind the global aerospace and defense (A&D) industry performance in 2015.


Global Defense Outlook 2015

Deloitte’s third annual Global Defense Outlook examines policies, practices and trends affecting the defense budgets and strategies of the 50 nations whose combined defense budgets total over 95% of global defense spending (the “Top 50”). This year’s report describes how violence from terrorism and battle has become chronic and concentrated in a few very poor countries, and also shows how vulnerability to cyber-attack is increasing rapidly in the world’s richest economies.

Asia Pacific Defense Outlook 2015

This report examines policies, practices, and trends affecting the defense ministries of 25 Asia-Pacific countries and regions. Publicly available information, commercially-sourced data, interviews with officials in government and industry, and analyses by Deloitte’s regional network of defense-oriented professionals were applied to develop the insights provided here. 

3D opportunity in aerospace and defense: Additive manufacturing takes flight

The aerospace and defense industry is increasingly using additive manufacturing to reduce material costs, decrease labor content, and increase availability of parts at point of use, which may have a dramatic impact on the supply chain.

2014 Global Aerospace & Defense Industry Outlook

Expect another record year for commercial aerospace and continued declines in defense

Aerospace & Defense Cross-Border Joint Ventures: Managing high complexity, driving remarkable growth

his paper highlights emerging trends in the global A&D industry for capital formation broadly, and as they apply to cross-border joint ventures in particular.

2013 Global aerospace and defense industry outlook: Expect defense to shrink while commercial aerospace sets new records

Despite the challenging environment, the aerospace and defense industry is likely to continue to develop game changing technology innovations.

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