Unleashing existing businesses by framing performance using value creation methodologies and mindsets, leading to a step change in profitability.

The single-minded focus of Deloitte’s Value Creation Services team is to improve cash and enhance profits for our clients.

With a suite of proven and unrivalled techniques across Cash, Working Capital and Performance Improvement, we quickly identify, plan and implement a range of tailored initiatives to deliver tangible benefits across the entire value chain.

Our team helps you identify the key levers for success others may miss, before seamlessly moving to the hands-on implementation required to deliver, with an unrivalled range of Deloitte network professionals ready to add the deep expertise whatever your specific needs require.

Contact us today to see how we can help. We have an enviable track record of driving growth and helping organisations get back on track.




Revenue and margin enhancement

Operationally building top-line and margins


Procurement & strategic sourcing

Generating value with suppliers


Operational improvement and the supply chain

Delivering rapid results across the supply chain



Getting the right structure and costs to drive the business


Cash, working capital and asset efficiency

Driving cash sustainably and at speed

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Jason Caulfield

Global Value Creation Services Leader