2017 Global Corporate Treasury Survey

Continuing the evolution from operational to strategic

More than 200 companies across the globe—representing the global Treasury community across a wide array of industries—participated in the biannual survey

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Issues facing today’s corporate treasury groups

The treasury professionals who responded to the survey contemplated the following:

  • What challenges are treasurers facing?
  • Do CFO mandates reflect current market volatility?
  • How is treasury evolving into a strategic function?
  • Are tax and banking regulations already impacting treasury teams?

Key insights

Key insights from the survey:

  • Treasurers are being further challenged by their Board and Executive Committee to add value to group operations rather than operate as an individual team. Collaboration with tax, risk, and finance teams is critical for Treasury to continue as a strategic advisor to the business.
  • Over fifty percent of Treasurers noted that FX volatility is a challenge, an issue exacerbated by political turmoil and the imminent changes due to Brexit. Other key challenges are visibility into global operations, cash repatriation, emerging markets operations, and liquidity management.
  • While an increased segment of survey participants have indicated system usage for typical treasury responsibilities, systems are not being leveraged to support the whole Treasury function. The challenge of visibility into global operations was noted by 43% of respondents, while 30% cited insufficient technology infrastructure to support their department.
  • There is an increasing trend for Treasurers to lead working capital improvement initiatives. Working capital management, once a Finance responsibility, is evolving into collaboration with Finance to manage day-to-day funding for the whole company.
  • Ongoing changes to both local and global tax and banking regulations are having far reaching impacts on Treasury teams, requiring many companies to rethink financial instrument usage and intercompany loan & liquidity management, which are expected to evolve as regulations are finalized.

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