The Deloitte Global Cyber Innovation and Acquisitions program invests in companies, people, technology and intellectual property which align our two greatest assets – our highly skilled team members with the goodwill and trust of our clients. Empowering this investment are our alliances and ecosystems, bringing them together to for increased operability, opportunity and impact to move the entire business forward with cyber confidence.

We are continuously looking for opportunities across the globe to scale our practice investing in people,
as well as processes and technologies that exceed our clients expectations.

Emily Mossburg, Deloitte Global Cyber leader

Cyber Innovation

Cyber Innovation

Deloitte has a trusted position at the heart of the cyber ecosystem, constantly developing, championing or partnering the development of new solutions to existing or future threats.

As the world's largest cyber advisor, we have the lofty ambition of also being its most innovative, which will be achieved by placing our clients and their enterprise objectives at the center of all activities – making ourselves more productive, developing new capabilities and solutions and identifying completely new modes and structures to exceed internal and external expectations.

Using terms and applying structures like "partnership" and “ecosystem” are essential to our Vision as we recognise that many forces must align for systemic innovation to occur.

" No matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else. "

Joys Law

Our Mission-led innovation strategy is diverse and broad in identifying solutions to the issues of both today and tomorrow:

• Core Innovation enhancing and optimizing our current solutions and markets
• Adjacent Innovation developing solutions which are new to Deloitte Cyber and our clients
• Transformational Innovation which enables us to think, solve and work outside the box

If you have an idea, technology, or capability that you think would provide benefit to our clients and ecosystem, Let’s talk

Recent Activities

Although our business is incredibly diverse, our innovation and acquisition priorities are based on a number of factors, including client demand, new technologies and solutions, changes in the risk surface or concentrated threat activities.

Over the last two years, our acquisition focus has been on industries such as Government and Public Sector, Financial Services and Insurance, Advanced Manufacturing, Critical Infrastructure and are aligned to our comprehensive portfolio of service offerings.

Recent acquisition highlights include:

• The acquisition of more than 20 companies or team carve outs across 10 countries
• Significant underlying Intellectual Property in the acquisitions which can be applied globally for enhanced services and offerings
• Dedicated and diverse new team members adding value world wide

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