Third party Risk Management

Life Sciences and Healthcare

Risk comes in many forms, but from a business critical standpoint, supply integrity is at risk when expectation of behaviours in the supply chain are not well understood and proactively aligned. Managing risk is critical to the success of the entire organization, and it creeps in where you least expect it.

Third party risk often happens when and where you least expect it, and has a bigger impact than anyone envisioned. Managing third party risk is critical to the success and sustainability of the entire organization.

A desire to be a responsible business that effectively manages social and environmental issues and responsibilities throughout its supply chain, is – for the first time in five years –one of the key reasons companies invest in third-party risk management (TPRM), according to our 2020 Third-party risk management survey, Be responsible and effective: strike a balance.    

Deloitte has a comprehensive platform that covers all aspects of TPRM - leading edge technology with a human touch. We push faster and drive harder, but never compromise safety. Global, experienced TPRM life sciences professionals quickly identify value in supply chain, enhance performance, protect from risk, and create a positive sustainable social impact. Strong TPRM can preserve your reputation and your supply chain.

Deloitte TPRM can help you make a positive ethical impact, reduce regulatory risk and manage supply chains faster and more efficiently.

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