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In today's business world, organizations rarely go it alone. They increasingly rely on outsourcing, licensing, alliances, and other business partnerships to meet their objectives. These complex relationships are governed by financial and legal agreements that are often poorly monitored. A lack of controls around these relationships creates risks, either reporting or operational in nature, and can lead to brand or reputation damage and the loss of significant revenue through uncollected royalties, misreported claims, and inadequate inventory controls. A well-conceived Contract Risk & Compliance program, however, can help organizations better identify and mitigate the risks, while enhancing the benefits of business arrangements. Contract Risk & Compliance is a service area focusing on risk management that can help organizations optimize relationships with other entities to improve business processes, maximize revenue, manage costs, address risks, strengthen relationships, and boost performance.

Business relationship management: Business Relationship Management services offered by Deloitte member firms include assisting clients with the following: Contract Administration Review, Contract Inventory, Contract Management Consulting, Risk Assessment, Contract Risk & Compliance Diagnostic, any other services.


Business relationship management

Customer relationships risk and compliance: The Customer Relationships Risk & Compliance service offered by Deloitte member firms include: IP Licensees, Software Licensees (“end-user”), Distribution (including distributors, resellers, dealers, system integrators), Original Equipment Manufacturers, Franchisees, Replicators, and other services.


Customer relationships risk and compliance

Vendor relationships risk and compliance: Vendor Relationships Risk & Compliance services offered by Deloitte member firms include Advertising/Interactive Advertising, Internet activity, Outsourcing, Suppliers/Vendors, Manufacturers/Replicators/Installers/Integrators, Most Favored Nation/Most Favored Customer, Employee Benefits, Construction, Leasing, Warranty/Maintenance/Repair, Procurement Agents, Software Asset Management, Corporate Social Responsibility and other services.


Vendor relationships risk and compliance

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Kristian Park

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