Risk Sensing

Identify trends, anticipate risks, and seize opportunities

In today’s fast-paced global environment, leading organizations need the ability to not only identify current risk signals and anticipate emerging risk events, but to seize the opportunity hidden within them. Risk Sensing makes this possible by delivering near-real-time predictive intelligence on the global risk issues most relevant to an organization.

Turning risk signals into strategic insights

Deloitte’s Risk Sensing solution helps organizations navi¬gate this complex landscape. By combining leading-edge technology with the insights of experienced industry analysts, this solution synthesizes large volumes of online media—including geopolitical, regulatory, and financial data—to deliver intelligence on the global issues most relevant to an organization.

This lets organizations do more than identify trends and anticipate risks. It also helps uncover the opportunity that disruption often presents—allowing them to achieve a competitive advantage and emerge stronger.

It does this by scanning over 550,000 data sources in 190 countries and 80 languages to deliver:

  • Rapid response monitoring: Organizations can monitor intelligence about events as they are occurring to mitigate the impact of a crisis in near-real-time.
  • Predictive intelligence: By analyzing social conversations regarding the organization and its people, products, and services to predict how they will evolve over the next 72 hours, organizations can proactively respond to preempt issues from escalating or take advantage of opportunities to enhance brand and reputation.
  • Horizon scanning: By scanning the horizon to identify risk events that may emerge over the coming year, organizations gain the runway they need to respond to risks and capitalize on opportunities as they emerge.

Deloitte establishes Cognitive Analytics Solution Center of Excellence to address critical risk issues, a global initiative hosted in Singapore

Deloitte announced the launch of its Cognitive Analytics Solution Center of Excellence (CoE) that will apply cognitive and advanced analytics techniques to deliver risk sensing and predictions to global clients. As organizations face ongoing disruption in their industries, risk sensing—using human insights and advanced analytics capabilities to identify, analyze, and monitor emerging risks—has become a key component of how organizations manage risk.