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Making the case for tax technology investments

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Tax leaders are under mounting pressure to transform their organization’s tax function. They are facing external factors—such as authorities digitalizing their operations and regulatory bodies rewriting the rule book—to internal mandates from executive leaders and the corporate board to align with an overall digital transformation agenda. But many tax leaders are not equipped to compete for the investment dollars they need to effectively transform their operations.

Getting competitive: How do you make a successful business case for change?

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Today’s CFOs expect the tax function to not only demonstrate its value to the organization but to also compete against other parts of the business for an appropriate slice of the organization’s total technology investment budget. Tax leaders need to be strategic about how they are getting a fair share by honing negotiation skills and learning more about technology. Equally as important, they need to do so with a holistic view of the whole organization. When articulating the business case for investments in new technologies, the tax department holds an important seat at the table with significant implications for mitigating potential broader costs and driving substantive benefits for the larger organization.

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Build your technology business case in your tax department (PDF)

Overcome four key challenging aspects of business case development

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We know building a business case for tax technology investment is challenging in four key areas: identification, quantification, alignment, and communication.

Tax leaders usually understand the hard costs and benefits of technology enablement like saving time or licensing costs, but often struggle to identify other organizational benefits such as improved quality and tax assurance or reduction in errors. Leaders need to take the next step to demonstrate how these technological improvements can influence other business functions or, conversely, how these interdependencies from other functions will influence tax management. Taking the time to articulate the vision and value of the tax department will speak for itself with a tangible return-on-investment—and benefit the entire organization both from a strategic and financial perspective.

Taking the lead: Learn what successful tax leaders are doing

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Tax leaders can get ahead of the curve by taking the time to understand the strategic vision of their organization. It is important to sit down with the c-suite and other organizational leaders to understand their priorities and build a case that delivers on those goals and objectives.

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Download the full report (PDF) and learn more how to you can build a winning business case for tax technology investment. Contact us to learn how we can help you build your tax technology business case and roadmap. Our in-person tax transformation labs can help you understand, identify, and plan your digital journey.

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