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Ride Across Britain: Going the distance

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To be the best employee she can be is Amanda Kearney's career ambition and living and working in London has long been one of her personal ambitions. She set out to be the best employee when she was selected for the Deloitte National Leadership Conference in her sophomore year at university and continued her pursuit through one summer internship and finally a full-time position with the Business Tax team in Boston, Massachusetts. "When I was a sophomore, I didn't really know what I wanted to do, other than I wanted to work with great people who care about each other, are honest, and I could trust," says Amanda. "I took a chance with Deloitte, and I'm glad that I did."

Almost six years later, Amanda realized her personal ambition, and she set off on a two year secondment to the Deloitte UK Tax Management Consulting team in London. That journey of 3,000+ miles started with a conversation with the partner leading her team in Boston. "My partner thought a secondment to London made sense for my career development and connected me with a friend of hers on the UK Tax Management Consulting group right away," says Amanda, "and I made the move."

"An assignment in London is a dream come true for me."

A manager's spot, support from a global team, and new challenges were all part of Amanda's secondment. There were language, cultural, regulatory, governmental, and other differences to master. "There's an old joke that the US and UK are two nations divided by a common language, and there's truth to that," says Amanda who brushed up her listening and relationship management skills, worked and grew her network, learned how business is done in the UK, and took an on-the-job crash course in technology.

Deloitte's Tax Management Consulting team is one of the leaders in the digital transformation of tax, and Amanda will tell you, she's not a tech person. She's the person who's on the road with the tech team to grasp a client's needs and how technology can help address them. "One of my clients, for example, needed a more technical perspective on reporting," says Amanda. "I probed to understand their goals, looked at their budget, and presented the clients with options that would deliver those goals, plus give them deeper insights into their business and a technology platform they can use again in the future."

Good work is recognized at Deloitte, and when Amanda's two years were drawing to an end, she made the business case for extending her London secondment another two years. She got the thumbs up and took on a new challenge, the Ride Across Britain.

"I was proud to ride for Deloitte."

From Land's End to John O'Groats, the Ride Across Britain is one of the world's greatest challenges—nine days, 980 miles, an average daily climb of 5,776 feet, sponsored by Deloitte, and it draws hundreds of cyclists from around the world riding under their employers' logos to support charities. Amanda rode for DePaul UK and not only raised money for her charity, but bonded with people she'd never met before and learned a lot about herself and Deloitte's commitment to charity and people.

"Whether it's been my internship, finding the right role, my move to London, finding people I can learn from, or just setting up cyclists with the same white jerseys for the Ride Across Britain, I've been supported," says Amanda, "Deloitte is always thinking ahead about people and not just about how hard they work and how many engagements they win. People here strive to make a difference and really are extraordinary."

"People at Deloitte care, really care."

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