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The right career move – Annabelle Gallendo

Big opportunities came Annabelle Gallendo’s way when she joined Deloitte, the largest of the Big Four professional services networks, as part of the 2018 alliance with Berry Appleman & Leiden (B-A-L). “Eight of us moved over to Deloitte Global Employer Services (GES),” says Annabelle, an Immigration Assistant Manager in the Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) office. “Our manager and HR made the transition easy, and whether we started with Deloitte or B-A-L, right away, we were all one team.

Taking her career to the next level

It’s business as usual for multinationals to relocate employees to Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and UAE and to move them from that region to geographies around the world. At B-A-L, Annabelle worked with clients on visa, consular, and compliance matters associated with client employees’ moves. Now that she’s with GES, she leads the team responsible for securing employees’ business visas and handling consular and compliance cases for the Middle East. “I took on more and broader responsibilities, when I joined Deloitte,” says Annabelle. “My manager was instrumental in my getting this leadership role and in getting me the coaching and training to succeed.”

Annabelle Gallendo

That commitment to her development, respect for people, and dedication to clients are three things Annabelle most values about being on the GES team. Support and the freedom to build her skills and confidence in her work are two things she admires in her manager. “I love working in immigration. Laws change and so do processes. I learn new things every day, and I’m on a team where my ideas and opinions matter,” says Annabelle. “I’m at the table for client meetings, leading discussions and bringing new opportunities.”

Making an impact for clients

With Deloitte GES, Annabelle and the team in Dubai are handling more immigration cases for more and bigger clients—and working with new processes and systems. All that change got Annabelle thinking about how to get the team working more efficiently and effectively. She went to her manager with some ideas. “I suggested that we dedicate team members to specific jurisdictions and clients,” says Annabelle. “He took my idea onboard. Now, clients are working with people who are specialists in particular markets, and that is making a positive impact on our business.”

Annabelle and the GES team in Dubai, UAE.

Knowing she’s a valued member of the team

Annabelle joined Deloitte, updated her LinkedIn profile, and saw an uptick in recruiters reaching out to her with job openings. She’s not moving anywhere. “I’ve learned very quickly, that Deloitte is an organization where you can grow. Show you have the skills, and there are opportunities to move up or even to other departments. There is a lot of room here,” says Annabelle, “and a lot of support.” Never was that clearer than when a health emergency hit Annabelle’s family hard. “I was on vacation in the Philippines and contacted HR for help. Immediately, they were there for me,” says Annabelle. “That said to me that they care about and value their people, and that is enormous. I’m really thankful to be working with Deloitte GES and proud to be part of this organization.”

Team holiday celebration—complete with goodies.

Team holiday celebration—complete with goodies.

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