Life at Deloitte

The Deloitte Transfer Pricing storybook

Transfer Pricing is one of the most talked about topics in tax today. The Deloitte professionals who specialize in Transfer Pricing will tell you that it's an important element in corporate strategic planning and decision making and an opportunity to make an impact. Watch their videos, and you'll hear that on the Deloitte Transfer Pricing team, they advise prestigious clients in markets around the world.

Life at Deloitte: Patrick Traenka

You are allowed to do what you are able to do is a German saying and mind-set that Patrick Traenka, a senior manager with the German Transfer Pricing team, brings to work every day. This mind-set also motivates Patrick to do his best work and step up for new opportunities. Two things Patrick values at Deloitte are: the strong rapport with his colleagues that makes hiking in the mountains or running a team meeting together fun, and opportunities for development—an investment that he feels Deloitte takes seriously.

Life at Deloitte: Yvonne Weigelt

You can take up space or you can define it reads the poster hanging in Yvonne Weigelt’s office. Part of a Deloitte Brand campaign, the poster sums up Yvonne’s commitment to her work with the German Transfer Pricing team. Fun, team spirit, being on the road, an international environment, and flexibility are what matter to Yvonne professionally, and she’s found all of this at Deloitte.

Life at Deloitte: Joachim Janssen

Joachim Janssen has been busy, since he and his wife welcomed their first child. Luckily, he'll tell you, that Deloitte Belgium offers the flexibility to be a great father and member of the Transfer Pricing team. The learning, tools, and support to do his best work all come with the job, and the opportunities keep coming—like Joachim's assignment in Switzerland. For him, this was a step outside his comfort zone and just one way Deloitte Belgium keeps him challenged and growing in his career.

Life at Deloitte: Sarah Bahous

Being trusted for her work and seen as a valued member of her team matters to Sarah Bahous, and she's achieved that at Deloitte Belgium. Encouraged by supportive colleagues on her Transfer Pricing team, she has found the motivation to complete her post-graduate degree. As a new mother, the flexible work environment also appeals to Sarah, who finds time to meet her clients' high expectations, take care of her family, and play the piano.

Life at Deloitte: Danny Talwar

Go big might be Danny Talwar's motto. It’s certainly why he joined Deloitte UK in the Transfer Pricing practice after graduating university with an economics degree. Deloitte's global reach and the variety of work motivated him to apply. The graduate scheme helped him to find his place in Transfer Pricing. Now he's off to a secondment in Sydney. His goals are learn a lot, have some fun, and come back to the UK with knowledge to share.

Life at Deloitte: Matej Cresnik

Matej Cresnik knows how to dribble. He played professional basketball. Now he's a Transfer Pricing Senior Manager and has found the team skills he used on the court are a huge advantage in solving complex, global business issues. Canada, the UK, New York, and teaching at Deloitte University have been stops on Matej's career path. A passion for developing the next generation and taking on new challenges keeps him motivated and looking forward to ever greater opportunities.

Life at Deloitte: Mandeep Singh

It was at university that Mandeep Singh learned about Transfer Pricing and that Deloitte had career opportunities in the field. That got him thinking about Deloitte as the place to build his career. The investment the organization makes in its people, their development and growth got Mandeep to join. An interest in technology and a partner who encouraged him took Mandeep to Silicon Valley on secondment. He’s back in Sydney now, a manager, working his network and growing his business.

Life at Deloitte: Bing Jing Yam

It was at university that Bing Jing first learned about Deloitte. When Transfer Pricing and Corporate Tax partners visited his campus and shared their real-world experiences, Bing Jing liked what he heard and applied and was hired for an internship. In 2010, he joined full-time. Now he is a Transfer Pricing Manager, leading a team of seven juniors and taking advice from his partners. That includes listening to, respecting, and valuing everyone’s ideas.

Life at Deloitte: Ollie Newton

The support network, learning opportunities, and people are what attracted Ollie Newton to Deloitte, New Zealand. Since he has come on-board, the organization has lived up to everything he expected. He is working with partners who are always ready to answer his questions and has a lot of flexibility in his day-to-day work. That gives Ollie the time he needs to deliver exceptional value for his clients and still pursue his professional cricket career.

Life at Deloitte: Nimisha Parikh

A culture of continuous growth and learning and the commitment and caring Deloitte shows its people are two of the things Nimisha Parikh values about working in Transfer Pricing in India. She is passionate about her work and strives to think differently and make an impact for her client. Nimisha sees that her colleagues, all the way up to the Global CEO, share her passion and love for what they do, and that is why she is with Deloitte.

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