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Life at Deloitte Global Business Tax: Rachel Mataira's story

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Where does an entrepreneur with technology, accounting, , and business structuring skills find her dream job? Ask Rachel Mataira, and she'll answer Corporate International Tax with Deloitte New Zealand. That's where she assists multinational clients with the establishment of businesses in New Zealand and structuring investments overseas, and compliance with local tax law.

Starting small and thinking big

Rachel opened her first business when she was five-years-old. In high school, as part of a Young Enterprise Scheme, she launched an online babysitter-finding service. Billie, an online service that matches people who need help with jobs with local people who do those jobs, was her next venture, at age 19. She built the software and registered the company, presented it at a start-up weekend, and got an introduction to Deloitte New Zealand. That led to a call from Deloitte Private, which specializes in small to medium-sized businesses, offering accounting advice. "My reaction was, 'wow, Deloitte New Zealand cares about investing in young people'," says Rachel. "The more I learned about Deloitte, the more I became interested in accounting and finance, and added both, along with technology, to my studies at university." When time came to do an internship, Rachel applied to Deloitte—only Deloitte—and landed her internship.

Building bridges and finding her niche

Programming and building bots are how Rachel spent the year after she graduated university. "I signed on with a tech company in their engineering team," she adds. "It was great, but I wanted a job that bridged my tech and business skills." She picked the right time to make a change. "Tax was going digital and tech is part of that, and I remembered how much I loved the environment, culture, and project work at Deloitte New Zealand." Rachel contacted the team she'd interned with and joined the Corporate International Tax team full-time.

Knowledge of tax and tech helps Rachel to better understand her technology clients and informs the tax solutions she develops. "With compliance work, I get to analyze data and compare and contrast different business structures and their implications on a company's tax position," says Rachel. "The consulting part of my job is research, analysis, and problem solving, and I love that."

Shaping the digital future

Artificial Intelligence is a big part of tax in the digital age. Rachel, has been a member of New Zealand's AI Forum, and worked to increase awareness of, build security around, and shape policies for marketing and integrating AI into organizations. "I sought out the opportunity to participate in the AI Forum, and Deloitte supported me." Rachel notes and cites that as one of the best examples of why Deloitte is the only place she wants to work. "There are opportunities everywhere for people with a variety of skills and passions. You can be an artist and work in consulting, a technical person and work in tax," she concludes, "You don't find that anywhere else. I'm happy here."

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