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Bridge Your GAAP

The cloud solution to standardize your external reporting globally

Implementing changes to your local country reporting templates in a timely manner can be a struggle–tax teams remain highly dependent on local finance teams. Collaborating through spreadsheets and manual reconciliations, often error-prone, is also difficult and time-consuming. Deloitte understands these obstacles, and after more than 10 years of external reporting experience, has developed Bridge Your GAAP, a solution to address these issues.

What is Bridge Your GAAP?

Bridge Your GAAP is a cloud-based solution that provides a view of your:

  • originating accounts
  • account-level detail of GAAP differences
  • local statutory trial balance
  • equity reconciliation

The application, available on Deloitte’s myInsight platform, helps to categorize the differences that have an impact on your statutory accounts, and the dual language (English and local language) feature supports local requirements alongside global corporate income tax compliance..

Bridge Your GAAP


  • Standardized: a consistent and comprehensive view of your accounts
  • Efficient: automated controls address issues from data integrity to completeness of GAAP-to-GAAP adjustments
  • Real-time access: access the application via the cloud, and access, share and edit data from virtually anywhere
  • Continual updates: Deloitte maintains the local country charts and statutory financial statement templates within the system
  • Easy to use: an intutive user interface requires limited training
  • Collaborative: comment and notify relevant parties directly
  • Flexible: choose your preferred level of access, from complete preparation by Deloitte, co-sourcing, or in-sourcing