Oracle perspective: Tech Trends 2019

Beyond the digital frontier

A decade ago, companies could achieve competitive advantage by embracing current trends. Today, a reactive approach to emerging technology is no longer enough. To stay ahead, organizations must sense new innovations and possibilities, define their ambitions for tomorrow, and journey beyond the digital frontier. The perspective represents the culmination of our efforts to examine the powerful technology forces that are remaking our world and the role of Oracle technologies in this transformation.

A look at what’s driving transformation

A look at what’s driving transformation

In this year’s Oracle perspective: Tech Trends 2019, we look back on the last decade to examine how once-disruptive trends such as cloud, analytics, and digital experiences have become foundational components of business and IT strategy today. We also discuss how reengineering technology’s full life cycle, reimagining core systems, and elevating cyber to a strategic function are now critical elements of digital transformation. And finally, we examine the latest trends that are poised to become tomorrow’s macro forces.

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The trends

Macro technology forces at work:
Technology trends past, present, and future

AI-fueled organizations:
Reaching AI's full potential in the enterprise

NoOps in a serverless world:
Shift IT’s focus from operations to outcomes

Connectivity of tomorrow:
The spectrum and potential of advanced networking

Intelligent interfaces:
Reimagining the way humans, machines, and data interact

Beyond marketing: Experience reimagined:
Digital transformation demystified

DevSecOps and the cyber imperative:
Elevating, embedding, and evolving your risk response

Beyond the digital frontier: Mapping your future:
Digital transformation demystified

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