Deloitte Demos


Deloitte demos at SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference

May 7–9, 2019 | Orlando, Florida

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Visualize this. …
An augmented reality application to address the realities of commerce today.

AR seamlessly integrated with SAP Commerce Cloud—to drive sales, savings, and customer satisfaction

  • Simplify the AR-enabled buying process
  • Elevate the consumer experience through iOS devices
  • Increase customer satisfaction, brand engagement, and revenue
  • Reduce product returns and associated costs

Intelligent solutions for finance and the supply chain
Ready to deploy. Ready to consume as a service.

Building the intelligent enterprise with digital twin, machine learning, blockchain, and IoT capabilities

  • Cold Chain Logistics

o Monitor quality of products in transit
o Reduce losses, increase revenue
o Boost customer satisfaction

  • GR/IR Clearing

o Accelerate finance processes
o Reduce labor and manual errors
o Free up staff for value-added activities

  • Risk Sensing

o Enable real-time, predictive analytics for finance
o Rapidly detect error and fraud
o Increase accuracy in transactions

  • Blockchain Orchestrator

o Accelerate blockchain adoption and value
o Efficiently leverage clean data and reusable APIs
o Improve governance and the user experience

Harness new possibilities. Harness the power of your data—
with a new intelligent framework running on SAP Cloud Platform.

An intelligent framework for better business insights
Enhance X and O data with machine learning to improve enterprise decision-making.

  • Connect the core and the customer experience 
  • Bring together back-office data and front-office data to deliver new insights
  • Transform insights into opportunities with SAP Cloud Platform and machine learning
  • Elevate the customer experience and drive growth

Real-world solutions. Real-world results. Available today.

IoT making an impact on historic preservation, power generation, manufacturing, asset management, wine production, and more

  • Smart Shop Floor
  • Predictive Maintenance 
  • D-Wine
  • Ansaldo Energia 
  • City of Pisa (Pisa.Mo)
  • Smart Warehouse

Unleash the enterprise.

iOS and mobile devices integrated with your operations—for new efficiencies and ‘anytime, anywhere’ access

  • Put enterprise data and real-time predictive analytics in the hands of your workers

o Prioritize workloads
o Identify backlogs
o Anticipate production problems

  • Expedite work—with voice, camera, and facial recognition functionality
  • Reduce errors and costs 
  • Boost productivity, quality, and safety

Go ahead. Take it for a spin.

Optimized operations. SAP integrated.

  • Balance factory efficiency and inventory
  • Unlock hidden capacity
  • Accelerate decision-making with intelligent data