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March 7, 2019 | Printworks, London

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New technologies. New expectations. New possibilities. They all drive toward a new reality. How can you see what lies ahead—so you can innovate flexibly and grow through disruption? How can you make sense of the opportunities coming down the line? How can you run your business more intelligently? And how can you use new technologies to make a difference—to elevate the human experience while generating new value for your organization?

The Deloitte team has answers that can help you get started—and there’s an easy way to connect with us. Join us March 7 at Printworks, London, for InnovationX—an exclusive SAP event that will showcase innovation in action and the industry leaders who are redefining digital enterprise transformation today.

Our team will be on hand to help you reimagine everything—an entire universe of possibilities for operating more intelligently and effectively with SAP® solutions.

  • Get insights on emerging trends and technologies, to help you operate and innovate amid disruption—and get ahead of tomorrow’s challenges.
  • Learn about leading practices and how some of the world’s largest organizations are working with Deloitte to activate the intelligent enterprise and innovate with impact.
  • Find out how you can tame complexity, reduce technical debt, and enable innovation with a “clean core” approach and the SAP S/4HANA® ERP.
  • Explore the future of customer engagement with SAP® C/4HANA, a portfolio of SAP® Customer Experience cloud offerings—and learn how we can help you deploy an integrated “single stack” of technologies so back-office and front-office functions can work together more seamlessly.
  • Discover how the Deloitte Reimagine Platform—a collection of offerings, from business transformation blueprints to ready-to-deploy SaaS products—can help you rapidly innovate with IoT, machine learning, blockchain, cloud, and other Industry 4.0 technologies.

Connect with Deloitte at InnovationX to get the conversation started—and please be sure to attend our speaking sessions.

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