Adel Melek

Global Vice Chairman Risk Advisory

Adel Melek

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Adel Melek is Deloitte's Global Vice Chairman of Risk Advisory and Global Lead Client Service Partner for Royal Bank of Canada.

As part of the Deloitte Canada member firm, Adel has over 25 years of diversified professional services experience serving large and complex global organizations on matters related to strategic and operational risk, cyber security, IT controls, financial risk, large scale technology implementations and integration and regulatory compliance. Adel has authored and led a number of research publications, benchmarking studies and surveys, some of which were constantly referenced and used globally, and have been referenced in various high profile research and advisory work including for example the U.S. Presidential Committees on Cyber Security, and more recently in the President’s Identity Theft Task Report, “Combating ID Theft; A Strategic Plan”, and a Cyber Guide for Board of Directors.

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