Adel Melek

Global Vice Chairman Risk Advisory

Adel Melek

Bay Adelaide East

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Adel Melek is Deloitte's Global Vice Chairman of Risk Advisory, Global Lead Services Partner for Manulife as well as the Global Lead Services Partner for Royal Bank of Canada (RBC). Adel also serves as the Senior Partner responsible for Deloitte’s Tilt to Asia; an initiative designed to effectively serve Deloitte’s largest Canadian corporations seeking to expand their presence in Asia and large Asian clients looking to do the same in Canada.

Adel has over 25 years of diversified professional services experience serving large and complex global organizations on matters related to strategic transformation, large scale technology implementations and integrations, strategic and operational risk, cyber security, IT controls, financial risk, and regulatory compliance. His Deloitte international experience includes advising clients in over 50 countries. In addition to his client service roles, Adel has held a wide range of senior leadership roles within Deloitte, locally and globally, including being a member of Deloitte's Global Executive team, Deloitte's Global Business Leaders Committee, Global Managing Partner of Enterprise Risk Services, Global leader for Global Financial Services Industry, Canadian and Global leader for Information and Technology Risk, and Canadian and Global Leader for Cyber Security.

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