Ayan Chatterjee

National Managing Principal

Emerging Businesses and Operate Leader

Ayan Chatterjee

695 Town Center Dr.

Suite 1000

Costa Mesa


United States


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Ayan is a national managing principal with Deloitte Consulting LLP and the organization's leader for Operate services, which includes application management services, analytics- and advise-as-a-service, foundry services, and business process enablement services.

Ayan also serves as the organization's Emerging Businesses leader, responsible for driving new and different ways in which Deloitte Consulting serves clients in their "heart-of-the-business" issues through as-a-service and other outcome- or subscription-based models while leveraging ecosystem partners and taking advantage of disruptive technologies like AI, digital, and cloud.

Ayan brings nearly three decades of consulting, technology, and business process outsourcing experience and is known for his ability to design solutions to large, complex problems and structure and deliver long-term transformational engagements powered by automation and continuous innovation.

Ayan Chatterjee