Doug Gish

Principal | Deloitte Consulting

Global Enterprise Technology & Performance Leader

Doug Gish

1100 Walnut Street

Suite 3300

Kansas City


United States


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As the global leader of the Enterprise Technology & Performance portfolio, Doug works with global offering and industry leaders to drive client value through cloud-ERP and digitally enabled business transformations. Doug’s consulting and industry experience spans 29 years, including driving global transformation programs, developing new service offerings, and defining industry growth strategies. Most recently, he led the US Supply Chain & Network Operations Offering and deployed a market-leading growth strategy focused on NextGen supply chain capabilities (e.g., digital, IoT, analytics, and cloud), talent development, and cross-market offering integration. Doug has expertise in optimizing end-to-end supply chain processes and integrating operations and technology solutions to drive step-function performance improvement. He is active in the marketplace and supports strategic sales efforts across multiple industries. 

Doug earned a Bachelor of Science degree in industrial and manufacturing systems engineering from Kansas State University and a Master of Science degree in systems analysis and management from the George Washington University.

Doug Gish