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Kat Lee

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Kat Lee specializes in Strategic Change for Digital transformations focusing on culture, leadership mindsets and behaviors. She is the Innovation Lead and Chief Designer for the Deloitte's national Transformational Change Practice, the Canadian Human Capital Lead for Cloud Transformation, and led the global development of the Deloitte's Agile Change methodology for Digital Enablement.

From her industry experience at one of Canada’s top banks, she led the North American Change Center of Excellence as well as was the Head of Enterprise Learning with oversight across Leadership Development, Risk, AML and Regulatory Compliance, Enterprise Orientation and Board Education programs.

Kat is also an accomplished business writer. She was the lead writer for the NY Times/USA Today Bestseller, As One: Individual Action, Collective Power, co-author of Internet Solutions for HR Managers, and has also contributed to various HR-related publications.

Kat Lee