Petr Suchý

M&A/Corporate Deloitte Legal

Partner, Attorney-at-Law

Petr Suchý

Nile House

Karolinská 654/2

Prague 8

Czech Republic

186 00

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Petr Suchý leads the Legal M&A services of Deloitte Legal. He graduated in law from Charles University in Prague and started his professional career in 1997 and joined Deloitte in 2003. Petr‘s main expertise is in corporate law, in particular mergers & acquisitions and corporate transformations. As leading counsel, Petr accomplished the successful negotiation and closing of many prominent M&A transactions for corporate clients operating in the majority of industries, namely financial services, construction and real estate investment, manufacturing and others. Petr is an attorney registered with the Czech Bar Association and is fluent in English.

Petr Suchý