Jorrit Volkers

Dean Deloitte University EMEA Tax Partner, Deloitte Netherlands

Jorrit Volkers

Sophialaan 24-26

8911 AE Leeuwarden


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Jorrit graduated in 1983 from the University of Groningen as a junior civil-law notary and in 1985 as a tax lawyer. He began working in 1985 as a tax advisor at Begheyn & Sneep, one of the legal predecessors of the current Deloitte. He became a partner in 1993, charged with building up the tax practice in northern Netherlands.

Jorrit has filled a number of management positions within Deloitte; he has been branch manager, Northern regional market leader, and member of the National Tax Management Team. Since his appointment in September 2007 he has been on the Board of Directors, where he manages the Clients and Markets Officer portfolio and the Chief Partner and People Officer portfolio (CPPOFrom 2012 he became the Dean of the University EMEA. In addition to this function he is chairman of the EMEA Talent Council and the EMEA Learning council.

He also has a number of functions in the social sphere; he is connected to the University of Groningen as one of their lecturers.

Jorrit Volkers